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  • Paul Bradt

    Technical Implementation Consultant

    Paul Bradt is a technical implementation consultant with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. In this role, Mr. Bradt works with clients to implement and configure CRA Wiz, Fair Lending Wiz and their related applications. Leveraging over ten years of experience in software development, integration, implementation, and consulting, Mr. Bradt maps client requirements to system functionality in order to advance clients’ compliance management goals.

    Recognizing the increasing regulatory emphasis on data integrity, Mr. Bradt emphasizes efforts to fortify client processes around data creation and maintenance. He thoughtfully constructs import formats to convert customer data to reporting standards for CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending analysis. He creates fair lending data management processes so that can ultimately be relied on in a Fair Lending Risk Review.

    Mr. Bradt is additionally utilized as part of our HMDA data scrub team. Working on large and small HMDA data reviews, he has been a part of scrubs for large and small banks, with loan file reviews numbering up to 8,000 files spanning three + years to smaller reviews consisting of a few hundred loan files.

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