Doing The Document Shuffle?

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Lack of Collaboration, a major reason mortgage originators must often extend their closing timelines.


Ever had to chase down the processor or underwriter to learn the status of a mortgage file?  It’s the document shuffle. Like it or not, it’s part of originating  a loan.


With so many hands touching and handing off documents and delays in the sequence taking place in this process, many of the details can fall through the cracks quickly. Multiple offices and third party involvement only add to the document shuffle challenge.


So today, real-time information and prioritization is vital in helping originators, processors, underwriters and others work in tandem to expediate the process. Add to all this the natural occurrence of human error that can happen with various players and it can lead to missing files and even a weak audit review.


Help stop the uncertainty.  


Today’s paperless processing can help alleviate the document shuffle. By unifying your mortgage processing into a centralized digital format that incorporates intelligent workflow, you can have collaboration work for you, not against you.


Learn more by downloading our free report: The Push for Paperless Processing. How to make a smart transition today, to a system with long-range benefits.


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