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Regulatory Compliance and Reporting for Financial Services

The volume, frequency and complexity of regulatory reporting is increasing. What are the pre-requisites of an agile and robust reporting function which can meet the heightened requirements in a more effective, faster and proactive manner?

Why should you consider on-cloud deployment for regulatory reporting?

Regulatory complexity has increased the need for specialized skill sets to provide the required analysis, end-to-end implementation and test cycles for new regulations and software. The ability to focus on value-added activities while the vendor takes care of the platform management, application support and any additional maintenance is becoming critical.

Benefits of on-cloud deployment

  • Lower 5-year total cost of ownership
  • Full cost transparency and predictability
  • Scalable solution, allowing flexibility as the company grows
  • New technology platform
  • Best-in-class data security
regulatory update service
Limit exposure to regulatory change

An intrinsic part of our regulatory reporting solution, the Regulatory Update Service (RUS) helps you limit exposure to regulatory change, specifically in the format of updates to data requirements and out-of-the-box business logic as a result of changes to regulatory calculations, forms, validation rules and delivery.

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Process large data volumes efficiently

Grid and in-memory computing technology within our solution offers you the scalability needed to process large volumes of data that go hand in hand with new data-driven regulatory regimes.


Benefit from our deep subject matter expertise with an overview of regulatory changes, deadlines and impact on your business

Limit exposure to regulatory change via our Regulatory Update Service (RUS)

Ensure an ongoing compliance in 30+ jurisdictions

Be agile and respond to unpredictable future change via regulatory data consolidated in one place

Maintain cost transparency and predictability

Benefit from a wide array of consulting services prior to and during the implementation of your project


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