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  • SA-CCR: The importance of integration
    SA-CCR: The importance of integration
  • 2019 Risk Indicator
    Indicator Regulatory & Risk Management survey shows bank, credit union concerns remain high
  • IRRBB: The big picture in miniature
    Getting IRRBB right: seeing the big picture on business efficiency

OneSumX for Risk Management

Today, financial services organizations are pursuing a strategy that provides greater links between risk and performance. They are being challenged to develop better risk management indicators, more integrated risk management, and to embed risk in the front office. They need to improve all three lines of defense to manage operational risk and improve performance and develop links between risk and finance to produce risk-adjusted performance metrics.

Taking these steps will be useful evidence of a comprehensive risk program. A portfolio-wide view of risk will help firms to manage risk better by giving them a clearer view of their situation.

Wolters Kluwer helps these organizations with a comprehensive suite of risk management technologies to address compliance, credit risk, financial crime, market risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk.

OneSumX for Risk Management has been created solely for financial services and deliver the processes, best practices, regulatory intelligence, and analytics required by this highly regulated industry. We provide best-of-breed risk management, compliance, finance, and performance solutions to provide financial institutions with better control and management of their financial data, and a clearer enterprise view and enhanced management of risk and performance.

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FIMA US 2019

(Seminar April 1-3, 2019) We are proud to be sponsoring FIMA US 2019 at the Westin Copley Place in Boston! Listen to our presentation taking place on April 1st at 2:20pm.

Banks Less Anxious About Risk, But Should They Be?

(Published February 1, 2019) Wolters Kluwer conducts a yearly survey of U.S. banks and credit unions to measure concerns about their ability to manage risks and regulatory compliance obligations. Compliance Week magazine reports on findings from the latest survey, which shows a decline in anxiety from the prior year's survey, but overall concerns remain relatively high.

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Interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management

Interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management

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