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    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services helps organizations around the world manage risk and compliance, and grow safely and profitably by providing software, expertise and services to help them make critical business decisions.

    As the leading worldwide provider of comprehensive compliance, risk management and audit solutions for the financial services industry, we embed unmatched expertise into our industry-recognized technology, and provide leading support and services.

    Only Wolters Kluwer Financial Services can deliver these powerful solutions that help our customers address risk and compliance challenges at all levels of their organization. This includes the risk and compliance management associated with acquiring new customers and growing their business with existing customers; the ability to manage the risk and financial performance of their portfolios, as well as optimizing the risk-based performance of the entire organization. As a benefit, customers can spend more time focusing on their customers and managing their business’ performance.

    Whom We Serve

    From banking and finance to securities and insurance, financial services and government organizations around the globe turn to Wolters Kluwer Financial Services and our industry-leading compliance and risk management solutions. Our solutions are used by 49 of the world’s top 50 banks, as well as more than 6,000 community banks and credit unions across the United States.

    From the boardroom to the backroom, we empower the top executives, the critical decision makers, and the shareholders of the world’s leading financial services firms.

    What We Offer

    We offer solutions to our customers most pressing challenges:

    Compliance solutions enable organizations to balance these mounting regulatory and risk management obligations with improving business performance. Our flexible technology systems and services allow organizations to more efficiently adapt to changing regulations, enhance data quality and break down operational silos.

    Risk solutions provide a more comprehensive view of financial risk across multiple disciplines within an organization and a deeper understanding of risks affecting a financial organization's business, including: liquidity risk, asset liability management, market risk and credit.