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    • Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator 

      Feeling the Burden

      Concerns by U.S. banks and credit unions over heavy regulatory requirements and risk management have increased nearly 30% since January 2013, according to our latest Indicator.

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    • Chartis Op Risk Recognition 

      A Leader in Operational Risk Management

      Chartis Research has named Wolters Kluwer Financial Services a Category Leader and top-rated operational risk management provider for the financial services industry for the second year in a row

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  •  Regulatory Change Management and the Hidden Cost of Information Overload

    ARC Logics® GRC Software

    Governance Risk, Compliance, Policies and Procedures From Wolters Kluwer

    Powered by the regulatory intelligence and deep industry expertise of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, ARC Logics is an enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (eGRC) software platform exclusively designed for the financial services industry. Its modular components measure, monitor and manage compliance, operational, and enterprise risk.

    By combining regulatory intelligence and financial analytics with efficient governance policy, procedure and process management capabilities, ARC Logics GRC Software increases transparency and control. Featuring high-level reports, interactive dashboards and multi-risk discipline support, the platform fully supports decision making and resource allocation. Department managers and operational units enter the information that drives those decisions, from simple governance risk assessments to control attestations and testing while senior executives are provided with a cross-silo view of their risks.

    This eGRC platform is unique due to its depth of financial services content. With hundreds of experts across the globe monitoring the financial regulatory landscape, customers receive the latest content and functionality based on best practices and the unique, prescriptive requirements of the financial services industry.

    Strong governance risk management requires clear identification of all the applicable risks, mitigating controls, and best practices for control monitoring and testing. Most solutions will provide you the tool for managing these tasks, but organizations are left to deliver the underlying content that populates it. ARC Logics comes with the most deeply developed content sets for financial services governance, risk and compliance.

    Why ARC Logics GRC Software?

    With ARC Logics, you get more than eGRC software technology. You get a global consulting practice and regulatory content based on deep rooted financial services expertise. ARC Logics comes to you infused with the best practices and knowledge you need and is implemented by people who have walked in your shoes and understand the importance of getting this right.

    If you are struggling with governance compliance, operational, or enterprise risk and considering purchasing a eGRC software solution, here are a few reasons why Wolters Kluwer Financial Services should be considered first.

    • Experience: we play a key role in supporting financial services institutions across the globe who are resolving similar challenges
    • Speed to Deployment: our deployment experience allows us to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and apply best practices to streamline the implementation process; we have the ability to meet highly aggressive deployment schedules of less than four months
    • Regulatory Support: we can provide you with ongoing regulatory support and expertise as needed
    • Unique Data Model: through a single data repository, immediately see all related activities and information related to each specific regulation and also each applicable business line activity
    • Scalability: deploy additional functionality as necessary, based on future needs
    • Open Standards: we offer unparalleled ability and willingness to integrate with third-party providers and existing systems
    • Proven Ability to Deliver: a successful track record meeting all commitments and obligations on time and within budget

    Call or contact ARC Logics GRC Software today to start implementing governance procedures and policies that ensure compliance and accurate governance risk assessment.