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  • Updated Information from the CFPB for Filing HMDA Data

    The CFPB has issued (through the FFIEC) the updated data specification implementation guides for both the 2017 and 2018 reporting years.

    In summary, the information includes:

    1. Technology preview which includes additional information about the new HMDA portal which will be used for submission. CRA Wiz will interact with this portal so that you can continue to edit and submit data directly from your CRA Wiz LAR.
    2. Filing Instructions Guides (FIG)
    i. Page 26 (hard coded page 25) includes the revised edits.
    ii. Table 8, page 36 (hard coded page 35), includes a complete list of Quality edits. Many of you asked if an entire list of macro edits will be available so that you can anticipate the impact to your year-end submission process and use of the new HMDA portal (see page 9 for more details). These are included here (for example, Q006 and Q130).
    iii. CRA Wiz will be updated with all of the edits as part of the annual compliance update prior to the 2017 submission year.
    i. Updates have been made to the data specifications, including updates to examples within specific fields, addition of codes in some fields (i.e. gender).
    3. Data and Filing FAQ have been added to the site.

    See the full text of the Filing Instructions Guides (FIG).

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