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    Why the Climate is Changing for General Insurance Regulation
    (Published December 4, 2017) Twelve years ago, in the U.K., general insurance firms and brokers found themselves on the receiving end of statutory regulation, which at the time must have felt like a significant shift from the previous regime. However, compared to the wave of regulatory change that has been aimed at the life and pensions sectors in this period, general insurance has had a relatively quiet time of things, and firms have been largely left to get on with running their businesses. However, recent developments suggest that this is all changing, and that the sector is going to be facing some tough challenges ahead. Martyn Oughton reports.
    P&C Regulators Focus on Disaster Planning
    (Published June 29, 2015)  Almost halfway through 2015, we’ve seen our share of extreme weather – blizzards, tornados, drought, flooding and wildfires have necessitated disaster declarations in many states.  In addition to these natural disasters and severe weather events, the Baltimore urban riots triggered a state of emergency for several days. Property/casualty insurers must be prepared to respond immediately when an emergency is declared, and disaster planning and preparedness is an emerging area of insurance regulatory concern.
    I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet – Earthquake Insurance Coverage a-Tumblin’ Down
    (Published April 29, 2015) According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the central and eastern United States have seen a significant increase in the frequency of M3 or greater earthquakes in recent years. Between 1973 and 2008, the region averaged 21 earthquakes of this magnitude per year. Due to this fact individual state insurance departments are beginning to notice and take action.
    Recent Weather-Related News Items for Adverse Actions
    (Published January 13, 2014) Recent weather caused some Insurance Departments to initiate well-founded temporary actions, such as moratoriums on cancellations and nonrenewals. Insurers should be aware of these short-term rules since their effective dates are still in effect and underwriting procedures may need to be adjusted.
    Requirements for Disclosing Deductibles to Personal Property Policyholders
    (Published October 7, 2013) Recent hurricane activity has brought attention to separate deductibles for losses caused by hurricanes on residential property policies. Texas’ new requirements apply to all types of deductibles on residential property policies and require declarations pages for residential personal property policies to list and identify each type of deductible under the policy with the dollar amount.
    When Natural Disasters Strike
    (Published June 7, 2013) As the Oklahoma Insurance Department has recently demonstrated, regulators can issue emergency guidance governing insurers’ treatment of affected policyholders. When a natural disaster occurs, property and casualty insurers must be ready to respond to regulatory expectations and implement disaster response preparation plans immediately.
    Emergency Adjuster Requirements
    (Published November 12, 2012) While I realize that we are a nation of 51 regulatory jurisdictions, I’m still always amazed at how differently states can look to handle the exact same situation. In light of “superstorm” Sandy, let’s take a look at some of the differing requirements from some of the states affected.