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    Why the Climate is Changing for General Insurance Regulation
    (Published December 4, 2017) Twelve years ago, in the U.K., general insurance firms and brokers found themselves on the receiving end of statutory regulation, which at the time must have felt like a significant shift from the previous regime. However, compared to the wave of regulatory change that has been aimed at the life and pensions sectors in this period, general insurance has had a relatively quiet time of things, and firms have been largely left to get on with running their businesses. However, recent developments suggest that this is all changing, and that the sector is going to be facing some tough challenges ahead. Martyn Oughton reports.
    U.K. Cancer sufferers could soon find it easier to get travel insurance
    (Published September 27, 2017) The Financial Conduct Authority has turned its spotlight on firms that refuse to provide travel insurance – or only provide it at overblown premiums – to people with cancer, writes Michael Imeson.
    To Insure or Not to Insure-Again
    (Published November 10, 2016) Now that we are at the beginning of health insurance renewals and open enrollment for 2017, the question arises – again – is the cost of paying health insurance premiums worth it? While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has never been well-received by a large majority of Americans, the insurance plan that was supposed to save the “woefully uninsured” continues to be a well-discussed and debated topic.
    Are All-Payer Claims Databases now “Some-Payer Claims Databases” after Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual?
    (Published May 15, 2016) On March 1st, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. 577 U.S. (2016), No. 14-181. The Court held that the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) preempts Vermont’s law that requires certain entities to report health care information to a state agency for inclusion in its All Payer Claims Database (“APCD”).
    Telehealth Benefits: State Activity Continues
    (Published November 25, 2015) Regulatory changes affecting health insurers often include new or revised mandated benefits, requiring multiple steps by company staff to assess the business impacts and ensure compliant implementation. One such mandated benefit type which has seen significant activity over the past few years is telehealth/telemedicine coverage, with this current legislative year being no exception.
    Top 10 Insurance Market Conduct Issues - LIFE & HEALTH - 2015 Webinar Slides
    Kathy Donovan, Senior Compliance Counsel, presented these slides during a webinar to provide an in-depth review of the most frequent market conduct issues from 2014 in the life and health insurance industries.
    Complimentary Insurance Webinars: The Top 10 Most Frequent Market Conduct Issues for the Year
    (Live Webinars November 3 and 5, 2015) Kathy Donovan, Senior Compliance Counsel, hosts two webinars to provide an in-depth review of the most frequent market conduct issues from 2014. These webinars are a must for insurance compliance professionals seeking to understand what the regulators are looking for during an examination.
    Right-to-Try Legislation on the Forefront
    (Published May 12, 2015) A great deal of bills are being enacted concerning the right-to-try experimental drug treatments for terminally ill patients. Under current federal regulations, patients with serious or life-threatening illnesses have two primary options to access experimental therapies that may treat their condition but that have not yet been approved by the FDA. The first is to participate in a clinical trial. The second option is to apply to the FDA under the expanded access program.
    The FCA’s planned changes to the complaints-handling rules: some possible impacts
    (Published March 19, 2015) Sue Berwick, Senior Regulatory Analyst at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Europe, sets out the FCA's proposed changes to its complaints-handling rules (as set out in the regulator's Consultation Paper 14/30) and considers how the amendments to the DISP rules are likely to impact on firms.
    State Highlights from 2015
    (Published March 6, 2015) States have been very busy issuing bulletins, guidance documents and press releases on a number of issues including expedited TRIA filings, health plan submittals and mileage reimbursement rates. Following article also reviews other new documents issued to each jurisdiction.
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