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  • Britt Faircloth

    Britt Faircloth

    Senior Regulatory Consultant, U.S. Advisory Services

    Britt Faircloth is a senior regulatory consultant for Wolters Kluwer U.S. Advisory Services, where she focuses on CRA, HMDA, fair lending and redlining data analytics for institutions of all sizes, including CRA and fair lending market analysis, fair lending risk reviews, and integrated redlining reviews. In this role, Faircloth brings over 20 years of relevant banking and regulatory compliance experience to assist institutions in performing fair lending risk assessments, UDAAP risk assessments, CRA self-assessments, compliance management system (CMS) reviews, complaint management program reviews, third party vendor program reviews, and other types of quantitative and qualitative data analytics. 

    Most recently, Faircloth has helped clients understand the challenges of the new Dodd-Frank HMDA 2018 data requirements, providing training, analysis and guidance for improving data integrity.  She also assists with CRA self-assessments, and provides strategic support pre- and post-mergers and acquisitions, including goal-setting.

    Faircloth provides onsite, customized training to institutions of all sizes for both CRA Wiz and Fair Lending Wiz software, as well as training on other regulatory topics such as HMDA, CRA community development and regulatory change management.

    Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, Faircloth held senior-level compliance roles with financial institutions of varying sizes for 10 years and spent an additional eight years in operational positions. With her varied career, she often held positions with concentrations in fair lending, CRA, and HMDA. She attended the American Bankers Association Compliance School and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM.)

    Faircloth is a frequent presenter at compliance industry events, including:

    • Wolters Kluwer Regional Roundtable - Regulatory Update (New York and Chicago, 2018)
    • American Bankers Association RCC – Customer Experience (Nashville, 2018)
    • Florida Bankers Association Compliance Seminar – Fair Lending Self Assessments (Orlando, 2018)
    • Wolters Kluwer Regional Roundtable - Regulatory Update (San Francisco/Hawaii, 2018)
    • CRA Fair Lending Colloquium (Nashville, 2017)  

    Faircloth is also experienced in providing training for consumer regulatory changes including The HMDA Roadmap Webinar Series (August, October, and December 2017; April 2018).

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    Brain Freeze: Ice Cream, Artificial Intelligence and The Spurious Correlation Conundrum for Lenders
    (Published July 18, 2019) Britt's article, "Ice Cream, Artificial Intelligence and the Spurious Correlation Conundrum for Lenders," initially published in MBA Insights, explores the pitfalls lenders can encounter in their analytics if data correlations are equated with data causality.
    Managing Change: Creating Order Out of Chaos
    (Published May 2, 2019) In this ABA Bank Compliance article, Britt Faircloth offers insights on developing a robust regulatory change management program that identifies, tracks and validates regulatory changes that impact a financial institution.
    HMDA 2018 Focus: CMS, Data Integrity and Fair Lending Implications
    (Recorded Webinar, April 19, 2018) With 2017 submission out of the way, it is time to focus on 2018 HMDA data. This complimentary webinar focuses on four critical areas to which lenders should pay attention during 2018.
    The Compliance Balancing Act
    (Published February 2018) Community reinvestment and fair lending rules require careful navigation. In this Scotsman Guide article, Wolters Kluwer Senior Regulatory Consultant Britt Faircloth provides guidance on the importance of analyzing and validating loan performance data to align with an institution’s goals, as well as with current regulations.
    HMDA Final Pit Stop: Fuel Up and Be Ready for 2018
    (Recorded December 7, 2017) The Wolters Kluwer team will give you any last-minute tips and updates to get you ready for the new HMDA requirements. Prepare now and be ready to take a holistic view of the new HMDA regulation.
    HMDA at the Crossroads: Submissions & Scrubs
    (Webinar recorded on August 22, 2017) Wolters Kluwer experts will provide practical tips for preparing for the submission requirements for the new HMDA portal and new HMDA data fields, and working effectively with compliance and audit staff to monitor data integrity.