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      Exam Preparation Tips from Our Experts

      In this Mortgage Banking magazine article, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ Tim Burniston and Steve Cross provide insights, as former banking regulators, on how financial institutions can successfully prepare for an exam.

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      Former Federal Regulator Joins Consulting Practice

      To support our ongoing commitment to provide customers access to the industry's premier expertise and thought leadership, Sandra Braunstein is now offering compliance consulting and strategic advisory services to our U.S. banking clients.

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      Best Practices for the Annual Review Process

      View this webinar and hear securities compliance experts Matt Dwyer and Steve Taylor, along with David Thetford, delve into essential internal controls, compliance testing and documentation procedures within a “real-world” practical compliance program.

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      We Can Help You Grow, Safely and Profitably

      Find out how Wolters Kluwer Financial Services can help you proactively solve your toughest risk, compliance, finance and audit challenges – and grow, now and into the future.

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      Effective Strategies for Change

      Wolters Kluwer Financial Services and GRC 20/20 have released a new report outlining strategies to help financial institutions implement an effective regulatory change management process.

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  • Today’s global financial institutions operate in an increasingly complex world. New regulations, technological innovations, and an ever-changing competitive landscape have a profound impact on business operations. Successful institutions are realigning their operating models to address the effects of regulatory reform, competitive dynamics, evolving markets and increased expectations from key stakeholders, including senior management, regulators and customers. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services consulting practices offer access to the expertise necessary to compete and thrive in this challenging environment.

    Our consultants combine innovative thinking with our unrivalled first-hand industry knowledge to offer our clients a wide array of consulting services in all major areas of the financial services industry. Our professionals are globally dispersed to provide jurisdiction-specific guidance in some of the world's most important financial centers.

    To learn more about the consulting services offered in specific geographies, please click the links on the left.