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    Unlocking the Code for a Successful CRA Examination
    (Published March/April 2016) In this ABA Bank Compliance article, Stephen Cross unlocks the code for a successful CRA examination, which includes knowing the end game, showing the relevant accomplishments of the bank, and placing a clear emphasis on performance, documentation and metrics.
    Know the End Game: Strategies for Creating a Forward-Looking CRA Plan
    (Published November 2015) Stephen Cross a Senior Director with Wolters Kluwer identifies a trend where federal banking regulators are increasingly requiring banks to prepare a CRA Plan as a condition of an approval.
    New BISG Proxy Methodology – What is it and why should you care?
    (Published January 8, 2015) The new BISG proxy methodology combines geography- and surname-based information into a single proxy probability for race and ethnicity. Learn why you should care and what tools there are to help you collect this data. What you don’t know could hurt you.