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    Stevie D. Conlon

    Vice President, Tax & Regulatory Counsel: Investment Compliance; U.S. Advisory Services

    Stevie D. Conlon, vice president, tax and regulatory counsel for Wolters Kluwer, holds dual responsibilities. She leads the firm’s U.S. Advisory Services group, which offers consultative expertise to help financial institutions comply with regulatory requirements. Conlon is also a leader with the firm’s Investment Compliance Solutions line of business, where she oversees tax regulatory issues and development. Both of these businesses are part of Wolters Kluwer’s Compliance Solutions business unit.

    Ms. Conlon also leads the firm’s Compliance Solutions Fintech Task Force. She often speaks and writes on cryptocurrency, fintech and financial derivatives tax and regulatory issues (See her article “The U.S. Treasury Fintech Report and the OCC Fintech Announcement: What They Mean for Banks and Fintechs,” August 2018).  A former partner at large law firms, an attorney licensed to practice in New York and Illinois, and a CPA, she has co-authored a legal treatise, a book, and over 50 articles on financial derivatives as well as tax and securities law compliance issues.

    Conlon is a member of the advisory boards for the Journal of Taxation of Financial Products and Derivatives Report. She is a former chair of the American Bar Association (ABA) Tax Section Financial Transactions Committee, former ABA Tax Section Council director, former chair of the Chicago Bar Association Federal Taxation Committee, a member of ABA Tax Section Financial Transactions and Investment Management committees, a member of the New York State Bar Association Tax Section Financial Instruments Committee, and a fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel.  She has extensive experience analyzing financial industry regulatory compliance challenges, evaluating industry impact, and advising clients on compliance and risk mitigation strategies and solutions. Conlon has been quoted in various news publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Barron’s, Securities Technology Monitor, Tax Notes, Coindesk, and InvestmentNews.

    In 2013, Conlon received the Tony Fireman Award from the Shareholder Services Association in recognition for her exceptional contributions to the financial services industry and initiatives related to cost-basis accounting in particular.  For over 30 years, she has participated as an expert and advisor relating to the development and analysis of many federal compliance regulations and compliance tools. She has extensive experience analyzing financial industry regulatory compliance challenges, evaluating industry impact, and advising clients on compliance and risk mitigation strategies.

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    IRS Tax Return and Payment Relief Does Not Extend to Information Returns
    (Published March 21, 2020) Learn about the latest IRS published Notice, relating to changes to Federal income tax return filing. 
    Valuation of Cryptocurrencies and ICO Tokens for Tax Purposes
    (Published January 30, 2020) In their article, “Valuation of Cryptocurrencies and ICO Tokens for Tax Purposes,” published by Texas Tech University’s Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal, authors Stevie Conlon, Bob Schwaba and Anna Vayser look at the challenges in determining digital asset valuations in an environment lacking regulatory clarity and marked constantly by highly variable valuation fluctuations.
    IRS Releases New Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance on Hard Forks, Lot Relief and More
    (Published October 15, 2019) On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, the IRS released two important items addressing key tax questions that arise in connection with cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more) sold, exchanged or received by taxpayers: Rev. Rul. 2019-24 regarding the tax consequences of hard forks and a Virtual Currency FAQ containing 43 questions. The last substantive guidance on cryptocurrencies issued by the IRS was Notice 2014-21, over five years ago.
    If a Crypto-Tree Falls in a Digital Forest, Can It Give Rise to Tax Evasion?
    (Published March 29, 2019) In this report, the authors examine some of the potential U.S. tax consequences faced by individual U.S. investors and intermediaries who participate in atomic swaps, token swaps, token conversions, cryptocurrency swaps, or cryptocurrency exchanges.
    Bitcoin, and Wash Sales, and Straddles: Oh My!
    (Published October 8, 2018) In this article, the authors discuss the potential application of the wash sale and straddle rules to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency-related investments.
    Blockchain: What You Need To Know
    (Published September 5, 2018) Cryptocurrencies and blockchain could directly affect banks as the technology evolves, and regulators start to pay more attention to the issue. But what does the board need to know about this seemingly complex technology? In this video, Wolters Kluwer’s Stevie Conlon breaks down the differences between blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as the broader regulatory implications.
    The U.S. Treasury Fintech Report and the OCC Fintech Announcement: What They Mean for Banks and Fintechs
    (Published August 10, 2018) Wolters Kluwer expert, Stevie Conlon, distills key takeaways of the U.S. Treasury's 223-page fintech report and the OCC’s announcement allowing fintechs to apply for special purpose national bank charters. Read the summary.
    SEC Warns Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms Raise Significant Federal Securities Laws Compliance and Liability Risks
    In March 2018, the SEC issued a Public Statement regarding blockchain-related investments. In this commentary, Stevie Conlon, Anna Vayser, and Robert Schwaba will walk you through the implications.
    Bitcoin Forks and Livestock Law? Tax Day 2018 Is a Different Animal
    In this article, Stevie Conlon, Anna Vayser, and Robert Schwaba explore the tax treatment of bitcoin forks.
    Notice 2017-42 Delays Difficult Sec. 871(m) Rules Until 2019, Challenges Remain
    (Published October 2017) On August 4, 2017, the IRS issued Notice 2017-42 (the “Notice”), which delays three key aspects of Sec. 871(m) regulatory compliance until January 1, 2019: (1) the application of withholding to equity-linked instruments (“ELIs”) with a delta (defined below) of between 0.8 and 1.0; (2) the full “combination rule” set forth therein; and (3) the related rules for Qualified Derivatives Dealers (“QDDs”).  Section 871(m) imposes U.S. withholding tax on swaps, other notional principal contracts and equity-linked derivative contracts in connection with dividends paid on related U.S. stocks.
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