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Use Our Red Flags Tool Kit to Protect Yourself and Your Customers, From Identity Theft

  • Protecting your customers from identity theft is your responsibility.  Our Red Flags Tool Kit provides you with the guidance and information resources necessary to implement an identity theft protection plan that ensures compliance with government regulations and protects you and your customers from cyber-criminals.

    Red Flags Tool Kit components include:

    • Red Flags User Guide – take the first step in building an Identity Theft Prevention Program by explaining each component of the tool kit and giving direction on how to use the tools provided.
    • Red Flags Training Manual – understand Red Flags regulations and how they apply to your dealership; break down program requirements in a format that can be easily distributed to employees for training purposes.
    • Red Flags Relevance Form – assess your dealership’s needs and requirements regarding Red Flags regulations.
    • Identity Theft Red Flags Checklist – record instances of identity theft detection.
    • Red Flag Reporting Form – record your required periodic Identity Theft Prevention Program assessments.
    • Resolution of Address Discrepancies Form – document how the dealership handles discrepancies between applicant’s listed address and the address that a consumer reporting agency has for that person.
    • Red Flags Training Record – record Identity Theft Prevention Program training attendance and curriculum.
    • Identity Theft Prevention Program Policy Template – satisfy the written policy requirement of the Red Flags rule.
    • Red Flags Risk Assessment Form – document your dealership’s Red Flags risk assessment.

    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ Dealer Services provides you with the resources your dealership needs to manage your compliance programs.

    Learn more about our Red Flags Compliance services or to order your Tool Kit, contact us today, toll free at 1-877-277-6631 Option 4.

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