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  • Trying to bring everyone together at one time for training can be difficult and often leaves your financial institution short staffed. With a Live Streaming Video Subscription you no longer need to worry because we offer our training sessions many times over the course of your subscription year. Employees can now attend training when it is most convenient for them and your organization.

    A subscription includes access to all of our Live Streaming IRA Content for 12 months, starting at your contract date.

    Attend once, twice, or as many times as needed. You will always have access to the latest IRA and HSA information. If a change occurs during the year that requires training, you’re covered at no additional cost.

    Pricing is asset-based and starts as low as $1,099.

    Also Available – On Demand Streaming Subscription

    With On-Demand Live Streaming, you will have access to pre-recorded Live Streaming Trainings that you can watch at any time. The subscription allows you to have access to these training sessions for 12 months starting at your contract date, 24-hours a day/7days a week, and there is no limit as to how many times you can watch the on-demand training sessions. Pricing is asset-based and starts as low as $1,429.

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