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On-Demand Video Training

  • IRA On-Demand Video Training is unlike any training that you have seen before. It brings our in-person training environment right to your computer or training room via an internet connection. It’s like watching the 6PM news on your TV. Plus, you no longer have to wait for training to be scheduled in your area and employees no longer need to be away from the office to attend and learn. This option is available to everyone, everywhere.

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    Session Agendas

    3 Hour Sessions

    Basic IRA Training

    • Overview and Establishment
    • Contribution Eligibility
    • Distribution Basics
    • IRA-to-IRA Rollovers and Transfers

    Intermediate IRA Training Part 1

    • Regular Contributions
    • Distributions
    • Required Minimum Distributions

    Intermediate IRA Training Part 2

    • Beneficiary Options
    • Rollovers, Transfers, and Conversions
    • Employer Plan-to-IRA Rollovers

    Advanced IRA Training

    • Required Distribution Administration
    • Death Distributions and IRA Administration
    • Employer Plan Rollovers

    Health Savings Account Training

    • Overview and Establishment
    • Regular Contributions
    • Distributions
    • Rollovers and Transfers
    • Special Topics
    • IRS Reporting
    2 Hour Sessions

    IRA Documentation

    • Establishment
    • Contributions
    • Distributions
    • Portability
    1 1/2 Hour Sessions

    Beneficiary Administration

    • Learn the importance of providing adequate attention to an IRA after an owner's death
    • Gain the confidence necessary to administer an IRA after an owner's death
    • Understand the importance of administering "beneficiary IRAs" consistently

    Roth IRA Training

    • Understand the overview and the establishment procedures for Roth IRAs
    • Learn about the eligibility and contribution limits along with distributions from a Roth IRA
    • Understand the options available to beneficiaries of Roth IRAs
    1 Hour Sessions

    IRA Self Audit

    • Understand the importance of operating a compliant IRA program
    • Understand the importance of providing establishment documents and disclosures
    • Understand the importance of proper and timely reporting

    Required Minimum Distributions

    • Understand the components necessary to calculate an RMD
    • Gain a comfort level to manually calculate an RMD if necessary
    • Understand the options for satisfying the annual RMD statement requirement

    IRA Policies and Procedures

    • Understand the importance of having written policies
    • Discuss items a financial organization may wish to address via a policy
    • Understand the importance of having procedures in place for both common and uncommon IRA related issues

    IRA Reporting

    • Understand a financial organization's reporting responsibilities
    • Understand the deadline by which the reporting must be completed
    • Understand and interpret different reports creating the comfort level necessary to answer customer questions

    Simplified Employee Pensions

    • Understand the relationship between a SEP and an IRA
    • Understand a financial organization's role as it applies to SEPs
    • Understand the benefits of a SEP and the reasons why many employers offer them

    Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

    • Learn how a CESA differs from other deposit  accounts
    • Understand Designated Beneficiary and Contributor eligibility rules
    • Gain the confidence necessary to properly administer CESAs

    Live Streaming Information

    When purchasing a single on-demand session, you will receive 14 day access to the session.

    Once purchased, registrants receive a link, a username, and a password that allows entrance to the training and training materials. Please review the minimum system requirements.