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  • Compliance Under Pressure: Finding Relief in 2015

    On-Demand Webinar

    (Recorded March 4, 2015)

    Forward looking compliance executives are applying lessons learned in 2014 to gear up for 2015. From missing legislation all together to failing to follow through, your institution is vulnerable to operational and compliance breakdowns when your compliance program fails. Compliance veteran Kathy Donovan will share practical ideas for assessing compliance risks in key areas of the process, and realistic strategies for tightening the workflow.

    Attend this session and get practical guidance on:

    • Legislative Activity: High Impact Areas of 2014 and Likely Hot Spots for 2015
    • Compliance Program: Vulnerable Areas and Strategies for Filling Gaps
    • Regulatory Change: Best Practices for Strengthening Operations to Accommodate Regulatory Volume
    • Internal Resources: Process Improvements and Resources to Ease Resource Burdens

    Don’t wait for new regulations to test the strength of your compliance program—make preemptive improvements now.

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