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  • With more than 60 years’ consulting experience, Wolters Kluwer regularly shares its thought leadership and industry expertise across a wide range of financial, regulatory, audit, compliance and risk management topics. Following is a select listing of articles reflecting published commentary from our subject matter experts.

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    Regulation Asia Publishes China AML Feature
    (Published July 5th, 2018) AML (anti-money laundering) and CTF (counter-terrorist financing) will be pushed further into the regulatory spotlight in coming months as China gears up for the fourth round of mutual evaluations led by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) and APG (Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering). Whatever the results of the exercise, it will serve as a clear reminder that banks need to take proactive steps to meet inevitable regulatory demands. Regulation Asia publishes our thoughts on the subject.
    Bank News Features Integrated Finance, Risk & Reporting Article
    (Published July 5th, 2018) Bank News, the US-based banking publication, recently featured a major piece of thought leadership from Wolters Kluwer’s Finance, Risk & Reporting business, outlining the benefits of an integrated FRR approach.
    Wolters Kluwer Finance, Risk & Reporting Reveals Findings of Singapore Regulatory Survey
    (Published July 5th, 2018) Our survey, featuring the views of banker on major challenges in Singapore, has been garnering plenty of press attention. Enterprise Innovation, for one, chose to analyze the results.
    Risk Technology Awards 2018: Wolters Kluwer
    (Published July 4th, 2018) Wolters Kluwer’s Finance, Risk & Reporting business has triumphed in the Risk Awards. OneSumX has been named Regulatory Reporting System of the Year, 2018, by Risk magazine, with judges applauding the “comprehensive set of features matched to the needs of clients.”
    Taxation of Bitcoin, Its Progeny, and Derivatives: Coin Ex Machina
    (Published February 2018)  This 18-page Tax Notes explores the emerging area of bitcoin taxation, including a primer on U.S. income tax issues in light of important developments in the past year around crypto-currency growth.
    The New ‘Beneficial Ownership’ Rule: FinCEN-mandated changes take effect in May
    (Published March 13, 2018). New “beneficial ownership” rules go into effect May 2018 that are generating questions from financial institutions. In this Bank News feature article, Wolters Kluwer regulatory consultant Valerie Baxendale provides clarity around the rule requirements, given the rules represent yet another obligation for financial institutions to know just who their customer is, including who really owns limited liability companies and other common forms of business entities.
    Streamlining Banks’ Paperwork Journey: An Integrated Approach to Managing Finance, Risk and Reporting
    (Published April 6, 2017) For banks to thrive in the new regulatory landscape, it’s important to build processes for finance, risk and reporting that can be upgraded and are capable of handling rapid regulatory changes without constant re-invention.
    Wolters Kluwer Named Category Leader in 2017 RiskTech Quadrant® for Enterprise GRC Solutions
    (Published March 30, 2017) For the fourth consecutive time, Wolters Kluwer has been named a category leader in the RiskTech Quadrant® of Chartis Research’s Enterprise GRC Solutions report for 2017, garnering rankings of category leader for the study’s Operational Risk Management, IT Risk Management, and Audit Management segments.
    Small Business Lending
    (Published March 30, 2017) In this article The NAFCU Journal speaks with credit unions and Wolters Kluwer’s Director of Commercial Lending Michael Fuchs about the business opportunity for commercial lending at credit unions.
    Cultivating Soft Skills: Your Compliance Program’s Cherry Topping
    (Published February 17, 2016) Cultivating a compliance culture using “soft skills” has become a very real thing in today’s business world, and regulators have increasingly made it part of the regulatory lexicon. In this ABA Bank Compliance magazine cover story, Barbara Boehler explores how so-called soft skills are viewed as essential in building a sound compliance program.
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