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  • With more than 60 years’ consulting experience, Wolters Kluwer regularly shares its thought leadership and industry expertise across a wide range of financial, regulatory, audit, compliance and risk management topics. Following is a select listing of articles reflecting published commentary from our subject matter experts.

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    Picture Perfect! Your Regulatory Change Management Program—in Technicolor
    (Published January 12, 2018) Regulatory change management is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. In her article in ABA Bank Compliance magazine, CPM Regulatory Compliance Consultant Barbara Boehler explores key considerations for the development and continuing growth of a “picture perfect” regulatory change management program.
    The Morning Risk Report: Banks More Anxious About Managing Risk Entering 2018
    (Published December 2017) Citing results from Wolters Kluwer’s annual Regulatory and Risk Management Indicator survey of 608 financial institutions, the Wall Street Journal reports that the majority of bank and credit union respondents are anxious about their ability to keep up with continuing regulatory compliance pressures in 2018.
    Top Bank Risks in 2018
    (Published December 15, 2017) From regulatory uncertainty to workforce management challenges, risks and their impacts are more interconnected than ever before. In this ABA Banking Journal article, Wolters Kluwer experts Will Newcomer and Barbara Boccia weigh in on the top bank risks in 2018.
    Clean HMDA Data is Like Having Clean Windows
    (Published October 16, 2017) Just as homeowners appreciate the benefits of a good spring cleaning, bank compliance officers recognize the value — and increasing significance — of having clean data. Now, with the expanded Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) regulations and increased regulatory emphasis on data integrity, banks must carefully plan how to ensure accurate data.
    A Path Through?
    (Published September 29, 2017) In this Independent Banker magazine article, Wolters Kluwer expert Thomas Grundy provides commentary on the OCC’s attempt to strike the proper balance between encouraging innovation and protecting banks from potential trouble.
    Ready, Set, Report!
    What’s on your HMDA “to do” list? With 2018 fast approaching, U.S. Advisory Services’ Barbara Boccia provides a checklist of the critical HMDA compliance issues that financial institutions should focus on to maximize readiness.
    AML developments in Hong Kong: what to do next
    (Published September 22, 2017) In this Fintech Innovation article, Wolters Kluwer expert Ben AuYeung looks at the amendments the Hong Kong Government has introduced to enhance anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations.
    APRA Delays Economic and Financial Statistics Reform
    (Published September 13, 2017) In this Regulation Asia article, Wolters Kluwer expert Douglas Cheung lokks at how banks should still devote time to correctly budget, resource and plan technology projects for EFS based on the new timelines.
    Wolters Kluwer Research Demystifies RegTech
    (Published September, 2017) RegTech solutions hold the promise of encouraging and executing significant, disruptive change to the way financial institutions operate. Fintech Finance look at a new research paper from Wolters Kluwer’s Finance, Risk and Reporting business.
    Complaints Management Requires Tough Management
    (Published September 2017) Managing customer complaints requires a disciplined approach that demands structure and uniformity. In this Banking Exchange article, Wolters Kluwer U.S. Advisory Services’ Barbara Boccia provides commentary on why it’s important to avoid complacency and pay attention to complaint trends, especially those that regulators are focused on.
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