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  • With more than 60 years’ consulting experience, Wolters Kluwer regularly shares its thought leadership and industry expertise across a wide range of financial, regulatory, audit, compliance and risk management topics. Following is a select listing of articles reflecting published commentary from our subject matter experts.

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    Complaints Management Requires Tough Management
    (Published September 2017) Managing customer complaints requires a disciplined approach that demands structure and uniformity. In this Banking Exchange article, Wolters Kluwer U.S. Advisory Services’ Barbara Boccia provides commentary on why it’s important to avoid complacency and pay attention to complaint trends, especially those that regulators are focused on.
    In a Bind: How CCAR Constrains U.S. Bank Strategy
    (Published August 15, 2017) Wolters Kluwer’s Will Newcomer states that “the risk aversion that is part of being a banker has been accentuated when viewed through the CCAR process.” This Risk.net article explores the impacts that the CCAR stress test regulation (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review) has had for the nation’s largest banks.
    Comply with Me
    (Published July 28, 2017) In her column in the National Society of Compliance Professionals member magazine, “Currents,” Regulatory Compliance Consultant Barbara Boehler examines why compliance officers should take the higher road when it comes to office gossip.
    Vendors: There’s Still Time to Prepare for HMDA
    (Published July 25, 2017) Financial institutions are under the gun to meet a fast-approaching deadline to start gathering additional information about their loans and borrowers under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). While organizations should have already started preparing for the changes, there is still time to make the deadline if you act quickly.
    Managing Customer Complaints
    (Published June 29, 2017)  In its July issue on best complaint management practices, Independent Banker Magazine extensively quotes U.S. Advisory Services’ Barbara Boccia in the article, “Managing Customer Complaints.” According to Boccia, banks that become really good at capturing all of the written and verbal complaint data available, conducting solid trend analysis and translating it into actions to improve their compliance management system and business practices reap the greatest benefits.
    HMDA With 2020 Hindsight
    (Published Summer 2017)  If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give your past self to help you better prepare for HMDA in the year 2020? In this article, Regulatory Consultant Barbara Boccia offers a year-by-year guide for HMDA readiness.
    Coming of Age: Fintech Matures
    (Published Summer 2017) In this article, Senior Regulatory Consultant Tom Grundy explores the evolution of technology over the past 20 years. From Sony Walkmans and VCR’s to Bitcoin and digital wallets, there’ve been tremendous advances over the years. And, for competitive financial institutions, innovation will continue to play a critical role in their success, although not without some challenges.
    The Fair Lending Risk Review: What Does Your Fair Lending “DNA” Reveal About Your Institution?
    (Published Summer 2017) The data in your lending files contains a lot of information, and will host even more once the HMDA fields expand in 2018. It’s critical that you take control of the information you have available to you now, and be prepared to tell your fair lending story.
    New HMDA Rule: Who’s on First?
    (Published April 2017) In thisarticle, Wolters Kluwer senior compliance attorney, Catherine Brown, reviews how the order of applicants will have an impact on collecting and reporting demographic information when the new HMDA regulations take effect.
    HMDA Expansion: A Year-By-Year Guide to Focus Areas, Solutions and Strategies
    (Published March/April 2017) Are you ready for HMDA? In this California Banker article, Wolters Kluwer regulatory expert Barbara Boccia provides a year-by-year guide outlining the HMDA strategies that bankers should focus on now to ready themselves for the expanded submission and data collection rules in 2018.
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