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    • Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator 

      Feeling the Burden

      Concerns by U.S. banks and credit unions over heavy regulatory requirements and risk management have increased nearly 30% since January 2013, according to our latest Indicator.

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    • Risk Tech 100 

      Moving Up

      Wolters Kluwer Financial Services moved up two spots to No. 4 among the world's leading risk management technology providers in Chartis' 2014 RiskTech100 rankings. We also won the Regulatory Reporting category and earned the highest customer satisfaction rating among the top 20 providers.

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    • Wildly Committed to CTR Compliance 

      Wildly Committed to CTR Compliance

      Are you struggling to meet the growing demands of regulators around CTR compliance? At Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, our CTR technology has been updated with the latest information and our regulatory experts are ready to assist. Learn more about how Wildly Committed we are to helping you get CTR compliance right!

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    • Getting a Clear View of Your Financial Crime Risk

      Getting a Clear View of Your Financial Crime Risk

      Without a comprehensive framework, you may be a little boxed in.

      With vision comes understanding. Our financial crime solution can significantly improve your vision for better decision making. Learn how you can get a better view.

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  • Prevent. Detect. Investigate. Stay Compliant.

    Financial crime against banking institutions is at an all time high. Identity thieves, money launderers and fraudsters have access to unlimited resources; can identify vulnerable areas in your institution and attack from anywhere; and are often disguised as customers and employees. To manage financial crime, you need a comprehensive approach that will not only successfully screen out ID thieves and other criminals, but also institute a transparent, holistic governance framework.

    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services is committed to protecting your financial institution and keeping you compliant at all times. We offer a wide variety of solutions—from risk and fraud management to ongoing governance products—that are designed to tackle these challenges head on. Our technology solutions include real time alerts that accurately recognize money laundering and fraudulent activity, as well as monitoring and screening analytics with risk and control reporting to give you a structured, overarching view of the state of your financial crime risk. Ultimately, our goal is to help you identify and secure critical gaps in your business processes to better mitigate losses, while reducing your escalating costs and impractical task administration.