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  • Managing Risk Throughout the Lending Lifecycle
    Managing Risk Throughout the Lending Lifecycle
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    Wolters Kluwer Wins Risk Magazine’s Regulatory Reporting System of the Year Award
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    The case for regulatory change management

Wolters Kluwer provides a broad range of services and software solutions to help banks, credit unions, brokerage funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, leasing and insurance companies meet their complex and ever-changing compliance and regulatory obligations.

We embed unmatched expertise into our award-winning solutions to address compliance and regulatory challenges at all levels of the organization.

What we offer

Banking Product Compliance

Leading edge solutions for financial institutions to simplify workflows, drive efficiencies and ensure compliance across many products, from deposit accounts to home mortgages, commercial loans, insurance and investment. Our solutions help you navigate regulatory changes efficiently and embed compliance at every stage, from origination through ongoing servicing.


Regulatory Compliance

The OneSumX suite of integrated regulatory compliance solutions provides financial institutions with unparalleled capabilities to analyze, interpret and address their global regulatory reporting and enterprise compliance management obligations.


Insurance Solutions

We offer the industry's most trusted and relied upon solutions to manage the insurance compliance process, and a common platform to monitor and report on compliance risks.

Audit Solutions

Our solutions empower audit departments of all sizes to more efficiently manage the audit process, spending less time documenting and reviewing and more time providing value-added services.

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IRA Required Minimum Distributions and Aggregation

(Published November 21, 2019) The required minimum distribution (RMD) aggregation rule applies to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) that require an annual distribution. Traditional, simplified employee pension (SEP), and Savings Incentive Match Plan for Small Employers (SIMPLE) IRAs are all subject to the RMD rules. If an IRA owner has more than one IRA, the applicable RMD for each is generally taken from the IRA to which the RMD applies, however, the RMD amounts may be aggregated and taken from any one (or more) of the IRAs.

IRAs and Required Minimum Distributions: IRS Proposes Updates to Life Expectancy Tables

(Published November 21, 2019) On November 7, 2019 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released proposed updates to the life expectancy and distribution period tables which provide the divisors used to calculate required minimum distributions (RMDs) from employer plans and traditional, simplified employee pension (SEP), and Savings Incentive Match Plan for Small Employees (SIMPLE) individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and for Roth IRA beneficiaries. The existing tables were released in 2002 and have been effective since 2003.

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Interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management

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