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  • Find news, commentary and practical guidance on IFRS 9 - the game-changing regulation which is impacting the Finance, Risk and Regulatory Reporting departments of firms around the world.

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    RiskMinds Asia 2018
    (Live Event October 22-24, 2018) Join us at RiskMinds Asia conference this October in Singapore, where our expert will lead as moderator in the panel discussion on Basel update, and will share insights with other panelists about the final changes and guidance on the regulatory requirements in Basel, IFRS 9 and other regulations, and also on how to overcome the challenges in implementing the final changes of the framework.
    The Banker Insights, Wolters Kluwer Leadership Video Series - Benchmarking data for regulatory compliance
    (Published August 1, 2018) The Banker’s Leadership series of videos, in association with Wolters Kluwer, explores the data challenges financial firms face when addressing complex and changing regulatory and reporting requirements.
    RiskMinds International 2018
    (Seminar December 3-7, 2018) Now in its 25th year, RiskMinds International is the leading event for Risk professionals in the financial industry. Over 650 Risk experts from across the globe attend each year to network and gain fresh perspectives and insights from leading Risk Management practitioners, CROs, academics and industry regulators.
    Bank News Features Integrated Finance, Risk & Reporting Article
    (Published July 5th, 2018) Bank News, the US-based banking publication, recently featured a major piece of thought leadership from Wolters Kluwer’s Finance, Risk & Reporting business, outlining the benefits of an integrated FRR approach.
    Q2 Regulatory Update Webinar 2018
    (Recorded webinar July 26, 2018) Watch our quarterly webinar and keep up to date with the latest research into the risk, finance, and regulatory issues impacting financial services professionals around the world.
    Infographics: Benchmarking data readiness for regulatory compliance and reporting
    (Published June 2018) These infographics give an overview of the results from The Banker Survey of the senior level executives’ views on the biggest challenges when addressing complex and changing regulatory and reporting requirements.
    IFRS 16 Leases: A fresh challenge with a familiar solution
    (Published June 5, 2018) There is much in common between IFRS 16 and IFRS 9, as well as the plethora of frameworks derived from the risk management guidelines set by the BASEL Committee. This commentary explains the relationships of the new standard with those of other supervisory frameworks and how a financial institution can take advantage of an existing solution to approach the new IFRS 16 Lease standard.
    Benchmarking data readiness for regulatory compliance and reporting
    (Published June 1, 2018) Wolters Kluwer recently commissioned The Banker to conduct a survey of senior level executives in finance, risk and compliance from banks across Europe, Americas and APAC. We’re pleased to share the results of this survey.
    CECL Results - Difficult to Communicate and Easy to Misunderstand
    (Published May 22, 2018) As you work through the implementation of CECL, think about the preparation and communication required to ensure all stakeholders, both internal and external, are on board and anticipate how they may challenge the business effects of your implementation decisions.
    Making sense of tech and data trends, and delivering value to your institution
    (Recorded Webinar June 6, 2018) Join Chartis and Wolters Kluwer for an insightful webinar to explore finance, risk and regulatory reporting (FRR) technology and data trends, the drive towards greater organizational integration, and how institutions are turning these trends into value.
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