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Insurance Compliance Solutions

Wolters Kluwer offers the industry's most trusted and relied upon point solutions to solve specific problems, manage the insurance compliance process and a common platform to monitor and report on compliance risks as either a standalone solution or as part of a larger view of enterprise risk management initiative.

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The Truth about Member Litigation; Should DC Pension Trustees be Concerned in 2018?

(Published January 30, 2018) Whilst there have been a number of significant developments in the area of Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme regulations over the past few years in the U.K., one theme that has emerged in the U.S.A. is that of pension scheme members taking legal action, primarily against the sponsoring employers, but in some cases, advisers too. However, this activity appears not to be linked to returns from the pension funds failing to meet members’ expectations, as you might expect. Martyn Oughton<span class="docHeadSpacer"> comments on this.<br /></span>

Gulf between U.K.'s PRA and insurance industry over Solvency II – but there could be less paperwork

(Published January 11, 2018) The shadow of Brexit looms large over U.K.’s giant insurance industry as it continues to labour with the complexities – some of them unnecessary, according to critics -- of the massive exercise known as Solvency II. Selwyn Parker comments.

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The Top 5 Things Your Regulator is Going to Hate About Your Electronic Delivery System

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Insurance Compliance Research: The Underestimated Challenge

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