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Wolters Kluwer offers the industry's most trusted and relied upon point solutions to solve specific problems, manage the insurance compliance process and a common platform to monitor and report on compliance risks as either a standalone solution or as part of a larger view of enterprise risk management initiative.

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Why the FATF will Challenge the U.K. Again in its 2018 Evaluation

(Published March 21, 2018) The U.K. faces arguably the biggest test to its reputation as a territory with strong controls against money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CTF), when it faces the next mutual evaluation from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) during 2018. These evaluations are carried out on a peer review basis against all territories who are members of the FATF, in order to establish the extent to which they comply with the FATF’s 40 Recommendations and the nine Special Recommendations on money laundering and terrorist financing. For this latest round of evaluations, the FATF will also be testing the effectiveness against what it calls “Immediate Outcomes”, which include the overall effectiveness of terrorist financing prevention measures, as well as the strength of the supervisory regime. Martyn Oughton reports.

Bank of England to allow most E.U. firms to operate through branches

(Published March 21, 2018) Most E.U. banks and insurance companies will be able to operate in the U.K. through branches rather than more heavily regulated and expensive subsidiaries post-Brexit, according to Bank of England proposals being consulted on, writes Michael Imeson.

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The Top 5 Things Your Regulator is Going to Hate About Your Electronic Delivery System

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Insurance Compliance Research: The Underestimated Challenge

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