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  • AuthenticWeb is a desktop tool consisting of over 30 different modules designed to help companies proactively establish regulatory compliant workflow processes.

    Modules can be purchased individually or in various packages. AuthenticWeb provides topic specific benefits complementing legal research tools (NILS INsource, ComplianceWare) and
    Forms Automation services we offer.

    Benefits of Using AuthenticWeb 

    • Reduces time and costs associated with proactively establishing compliance in operations – Development of workflow tools internally can take several months to implement and requires a commitment to maintain information over time. AuthenticWeb provides you an alternative that is readily available, always current and affordable.
    • Reduces potential financial exposure triggered by noncompliance
    • Improves employee productivity - AuthenticWeb subscribers commonly achieve productivity increases of more than 30% over prior methods used to achieve operational objectives.
    • Facilitates effective interdepartmental communication – AuthenticWeb subscriptions are enterprise-wide, not per user; you can provide access to everyone on your staff that needs the information, without increasing your costs.

    Forms Modules - Enables users to electronically access regulatory compliant forms that Wolters Kluwer Financial Services authors and maintains. These modules can be used as a desktop solution to generate the forms, or as a tool to monitor, develop, and maintain company versions of these forms:

    Department Modules - Combines both access to regulatory compliant forms and access to easy to read summaries.

    – Designed to help State Filing Departments speed up their rate, rule, and form filing approvals by providing an easy to use means of helping them assemble their rate, rule, and form filings in the prescribed manner required by various states. Module consists of both summaries (detailing the state requirements of how a rate, rule, or form filing must be prepared) and access to electronic version of state prescribed transmittal forms. Available for Property & Casualty, Workers' Compensation, and Life & Health product lines.

    – Designed to help Claims personnel quickly and easily identify requirements impacting the claims process. Intuitive search screens, multiple output options, enterprise-wide access, and availability of related forms online increases productivity while reducing costs and improving compliance results.


    - Web Based “Cheat Sheets” that summarize in easy to read chart format key issues for a variety of specified regulatory topics. These Modules can be used both as a desktop reference tool or as a means of populating “rules” into your in house automation systems.