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Insurance Related Laws

  • These are laws found in the various statutory titles of a state, other than the Insurance Code, and establish the framework for the regulation of an insurance business. Workers Compensation, for example, is clearly an insurance concept, but in some states, Workers Compensation is covered by the Labor Code and not the Insurance Code. For such reasons, we publish the Related Laws.

    Like all of our NILS Red Books, the Related Laws are thoroughly organized and uniquely indexed to enable you to find key concepts in the Insurance industry, rather than just key words. The Related Laws are updated annually with loose-leaf supplements and are a valuable tool for any insurance professional.

    Depending on the particular state, these volumes cover the insurance-related aspects of the following subjects/chapters:

    • Agriculture
    • Banking Laws
    • Business Corporation Laws
    • Civil Practices
    • Criminal Procedures (Bail Bonds)
    • Energy
    • Environmental Laws
    • Estates and Trusts
    • Labor and Industries
    • Liens
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • Military Personnel
    • Mining
    • Municipal Personnel
    • Navigation
    • Personal Property
    • Public Health
    • Public Housing
    • Public Utilities
    • Revenue
    • Securities
    • Social Services
    • Steam Boilers
    • Taxation
    • Transportation
    • Uniform
    • Commercial Codes
    • Vehicles and
    • Traffic
    • Vocational Laws
    • Workers Compensation