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  • Trusted Resources for Compliance Research

    Created by and for insurance compliance professionals, NILS products are dedicated exclusively to providing accurate, current, insurance-relevant regulatory research content. Together, they form a vital foundation upon which to build your firm’s compliance efforts.

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    NILS INsource®

    NILS INsource is the leading Web-based insurance regulatory content solution. NILS INsource features insurance terminology indexing, line-of-business searching, and compliance topic and subtopic categories that quickly deliver the focused content compliance professionals need, significantly reduce research time and make compliance efforts more effective. Learn more.

    Market Conduct Examination Tools

    NILS INsource Market Conduct Examination Module (for Life and Health Insurers)

    ComplianceWare® (for Property and Casualty Insurers)

    Insurers can reduce or eliminate fines in future market conduct examinations by researching past examinations in their own and other jurisdictions, identifying the areas of greatest concern to examiners, and addressing their areas of possible non-compliance.

    The NILS Red Books

    Stay compliant and competitive with the only complete collection of insurance laws and regulations available in print—covering all 50 states, plus Federal, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more.