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    Our experts deliver compelling insights on recent trends and best practices in managing insurance compliance and you can quickly find expert commentary and compliance insights into the issues that impact your daily work as well as the industry overall.

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    The Super Structure: Using AI and Smart Technology to Meet Regulatory Demands for a Robust Regulatory Change Framework
    (Live Webinar November 19, 2019) Join Wolters Kluwer to learn more about our market-leading regulatory change management offering and how our technology supports more intelligent and integrated risk and compliance management.
    The Top 10 Most Frequent Market Conduct Issues of 2018
    (Recorded Webinar September 4 & 5, 2019) Join Kathy Donovan, Senior Compliance Counsel, as she presents her results on both Property & Casualty and Life & Health market conduct issues from 2018.
    Why the FATF will Challenge the U.K. Again in its 2018 Evaluation
    (Published March 21, 2018) The U.K. faces arguably the biggest test to its reputation as a territory with strong controls against money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CTF), when it faces the next mutual evaluation from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) during 2018. These evaluations are carried out on a peer review basis against all territories who are members of the FATF, in order to establish the extent to which they comply with the FATF’s 40 Recommendations and the nine Special Recommendations on money laundering and terrorist financing. For this latest round of evaluations, the FATF will also be testing the effectiveness against what it calls “Immediate Outcomes”, which include the overall effectiveness of terrorist financing prevention measures, as well as the strength of the supervisory regime. Martyn Oughton reports.
    Bank of England to allow most E.U. firms to operate through branches
    (Published March 21, 2018) Most E.U. banks and insurance companies will be able to operate in the U.K. through branches rather than more heavily regulated and expensive subsidiaries post-Brexit, according to Bank of England proposals being consulted on, writes Michael Imeson.
    The Truth about Member Litigation; Should DC Pension Trustees be Concerned in 2018?
    (Published January 30, 2018) Whilst there have been a number of significant developments in the area of Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme regulations over the past few years in the U.K., one theme that has emerged in the U.S.A. is that of pension scheme members taking legal action, primarily against the sponsoring employers, but in some cases, advisers too. However, this activity appears not to be linked to returns from the pension funds failing to meet members’ expectations, as you might expect. Martyn Oughton comments on this.
    The Insurance Compliance Manager’s Guide to Modernizing Complaints’ Management
    (Published January 5th 2018) An integral part of an overall compliance program management system, a sound complaint management system helps insurers comply with regulatory requirements, gain insight into operational processes involved in complaint handling, and assess the levels of consumer satisfaction.
    Gulf between U.K.'s PRA and insurance industry over Solvency II – but there could be less paperwork
    (Published January 11, 2018) The shadow of Brexit looms large over U.K.’s giant insurance industry as it continues to labour with the complexities – some of them unnecessary, according to critics -- of the massive exercise known as Solvency II. Selwyn Parker comments.
    The Bluefin U.K. FCA Final Notice – a sad example of the demise of the better than best rule
    (Published January 11, 2018) In the early days of modern financial services regulation, regulators insisted that independent financial advisers owned by product providers could only recommend their owners products if they could prove that these were better than the best alternatives in the market. This month’s Bluefin Insurance Services Limited fine suggests that it might not be a bad idea to restore the old pre-2001 position and extend it to general insurance and mortgages. Adam Samuel reports on this.
    EU regulatory round-up for 2017 and 2018
    (Published January 11, 2018) The key regulatory developments that took place in the E.U. financial services sector in 2017, and what is in store for 2018, are summarised here by Michael Imeson.
    London brokers under regulatory scrutiny
    (Published January 10, 2018) Brokers in the London insurance market are the subject of a study by the FCA to see whether action is needed to deal with anti-competitive behaviour, abuses of market power and conflicts of interest, writes Michael Imeson.
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