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    The CPM Edge: Why Compliance Program Management Is Right For You White Paper
    (Published April 11, 2017) Compliance failures during regulatory exams can come from a variety of sources, whether it’s incomplete requirements knowledge, a broken regulatory change management process, or just inefficient policies and procedures. This whitepaper details how an all-encompassing “Compliance Program Management” system can help you address such gaps, and ultimately achieve regulatory readiness and accountability across your organization.
    Europe’s AML regulations…more changes on the horizon?
    (Published April 17, 2017) Just when you thought it was all over, Europe’s anti-money laundering regulations are likely to change again. The 4th AML Directive comes into effect this June, but already the authorities are talking about future amendments. Michael Imeson explains.
    Plea bargaining, British-style – Bank of England introduces discounts for offenders
    (Published April 5, 2017) As the scale of fines imposed by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) attest, the watchdog says one thing and does another. When the PRA assumed its enforcement powers four years ago, it adopted a conciliatory tone. The key term it used was “ex-ante remediation”, which probably sent compliance officers scurrying to consult their legal dictionaries. Selwyn Parker reports.
    Insurers Advised to Take Immediate Action on NY Cybersecurity Regulation
    (Published March 24,2017) On March 1, 2017, New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) implemented benchmark regulations governing financial institutions and cybersecurity. Based on the serious nature of cyber security breaches that risk consumers’ personal information as well as insurers’ information technology (IT) systems, most financial service entities doing business in New York, including insurance companies, affiliates and third party service providers, must comply with comprehensive new minimum cyber security standards within a tight time frame. Insurers not doing business in New York are also advised to pay close attention to these regulations as they are likely to have a far-reaching impact beyond the state line.
    Reforming and strengthening the UK enforcement process, and recent developments in applying the conduct regulation toolkit
    (Published March 22, 2017) Following consultation during 2016 on responding to and implementing the ‘Enforcement Review and the Green Report’ both the UK’s financial-services regulators (PRA & FCA) have issued a combined policy publication setting-out their resulting views and intended implementation aims and plans. Steve Blackbourn reports.
    Britain’s registry of beneficial owners – a flawed masterpiece?
    (Published March 20, 2017) Last year, the United Kingdom became the first nation in the world to have a publicly available register of beneficial owners of companies. The whole project, however, has been jeopardised by the departure of former premier David Cameron from politics and widespread cheating. Chris Hamblin takes a closer look.
    How would you vote in the big Smarter Communications poll?
    (Published March 1, 2017) Votes on major subjects around the world have garnered so much press attention during the last year, it made me think about how to tackle a particular subject that has been gathering pace with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) over the last few months. It is the subject of making communications with policyholders better, an initiative the FCA refers to as “Smarter Communications”. Martyn Oughton takes a closer look.
    CCP Recovery and Resolution Regulation will improve financial stability
    (Published February 15, 2017) New EU rules will make it easier for the authorities to save CCPs if they get into difficulties, or wind them down in an orderly way if they fail, writes Michael Imeson.
    The City wants the world – UK’s financial sector does a U-turn after Brexit
    (Published February 15, 2017) Now that the City has reversed its position and officially embraced Brexit because of the potential offered by the wider world outside the EU, it will require a balancing act by compliance officers over the next two or more years of profound uncertainty. Selwyn Parker reports.
    Cyber criminals target second tier financial firms and their advisers
    (Published February 1, 2017) Second tier financial institutions are at greater risk of penetration by the cyber criminal than the largest firms, says Troels Oerting, former head of Europol’s cyber-crime unit and now the managing director for cyber security at Barclays Bank. ‘The largest institutions have invested heavily in technology and training. They place cyber-crime higher up their agendas.’ Smaller financial institutions like fund managers and insurance companies, as well as financial services professionals like accountants and lawyers, are being targeted and are at greatest risk. Nick Kochan takes a closer look.
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