GainsKeeper - cost basis tax reporting solution
    • Cost basis tax reporting solution – GainsKeeper on a tablet  

      Looking for a competitive edge?

      In the highly competitive brokerage industry, you need sophisticated tools for your sophisticated clients. Our award-winning tax lot accounting and tax reporting solution, GainsKeeper facilitates highly sophisticated trading strategies, such as tax loss harvesting, giving you a ‘competitive edge’.

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    • Fund tax reporting holding down man 

      Fund tax reporting weighing you down?

      FundTax® can lighten your load. Complex fund tax calculations like adjusting for wash sales, tracking straddles and accounting for REITs are extremely tedious tasks, with significant error risks — especially when managed manually. Our FundTax® solution automates complex fund tax calculations & tax reporting —to lighten your load.

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    • Debt tax reporting hourglass with sand falling  

      Time is running out for cost basis debt tax reporting

      Stop the clock with GainsKeeper’s CompleteDebt™. Get the functionality you need today for Form 1099 debt tax reporting—as a stand-alone solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing cost basis system—in time to meet the Jan 1, 2014 deadline.

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    • Debt tax reporting represented by sharks surrounding kayaker 

      Surrounded by cost basis tax reporting dangers?

      Rely on GainsKeeper® for the tax accurate cost basis you need— to survive. Meeting the cost basis law phase 3 debt and options requirements creates the most difficult tax and system challenges yet. Count on us for the debt calculations and tax reporting functionality you need to comply.

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  • When it comes to tax reporting, the only constant is change.

    GainsKeeper® is our award-winning, tax lot accounting solution marketed to the brokerage, fund investment and active trader & individual investor communities. GainsKeeper calculates, tracks and reports cost basis, adjusted for corporate actions and wash sales for 1099 tax reporting and offers a suite of tax smart tools.

    The cost basis compliance solution of choice at blue chip brokerage firms, GainsKeeper is available today-as an enterprise system or stand-along solution-with the functionality you need-including Phase 3 coverage of debt, to comply with the cost basis reporting law.

    This solution is also relied upon by more than 4,500 U.S. mutual and hedge funds to automate complex investment fund calculations & tax reporting.

    When it comes to tax lot accounting, cost basis reporting compliance, and fund tax reporting, GainsKeeper is a proven solution built on expertise you can trust.