Wolters Kluwer E-Sign

    Wolters Kluwer E-sign is an electronic signature solution built with the banking industry in mind so you know it’s secure and compliant. You’ll also be able to meet your customers where they are – online, in your office, or in their own home!

    Online document signing built for the banking industry!


    Do your job better and faster

    We do e-sign, and we do it right. But our electronic signature platform also handles e-delivery and JIT print. This flexibility helps you simplify your operation, and your exception processing, while you keep your customers happy.


    Start with smarter documents

    Slick user interface can't save you if your forms aren't compliant down to the letter. We know regulatory documentation inside and out, which means you don’t have to worry about your documents being out of compliance.


    Keep the ball rolling anywhere, any time

    Wolters Kluwer E-Sign was designed mobile first which means there is no app to download. It also has a friendly interface your customers will love to use no matter where they roam.


    Execute with total confidence

    Baked into our platform is a rigorous approach to user identity management and user authentication... Both of which are critical in any financial services e-signature solution.



    Black & White Hat Testing


    Consistent positive results for "black hat" & "white hat" penetration testing


    10,000,000+ Packages


    10,000,000+ packages fulfilled per year


    Positive Reviews


    Consistent positive reviews in every 3rd party due diligence audit


    99% Uptime


    Less than 1% down time


    One Wolters Kluwer E-Sign application . . . Fit for you


    Large Financial Institutions

    Your customers demand e-signatures, but the related regulatory challenges can be daunting.

    Originally engineered for intelligence and military applications, E-Sign has proven its value and trustworthiness in the most complex of compliance and regulatory environments.


    Community Institutions

    E-Sign makes it easy to implement big-bank technology on a community bank budget. How? You buy only the features you actually need to build your ideal customer experience.

    Plus, our services come with simple annual fees - so you'll never find unpleasant pricing surprises or unnecessary costs.


    Financial Industry Vendors

    E-Sign Act and UETA are table stakes.

    The tough part is understanding the requirements for the processing and even appearance of the signed document. Let us manage the compliance headaches, you stick to running your business the way only you know how.


    “e signature software is a priority for over half of executives: Although e signature software is, on average, the third-newest technology in the bank, it is also receiving attention from 62% of banking executives, according to CEB TowerGroup research.”


    Case Study: Medium Enterprise Bank

    This case study of a medium enterprise bank is based on an August 2017 survey of Wolters Kluwer E-sign customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


    Download Case Study  

    The financial industry trusts Wolters Kluwer E-Sign


    National Bank Testimonial

    "I ran a project to deploy a generic e-sign software. We were early adopters. My advice? If you’re looking at e-sign ask your vendor what happens when regulations force a change in a customer facing document. I learned too late that it’s hard enough to deploy . . . what’s worse is you’ve got to live with what’s basically a giant set of work arounds . . . white font embedded into things, manually mapping XY coordinates . . . it’s unwieldy. It burned a lot of time and hindered us from creating the experience we wanted to give our customers. E-sign in a highly regulated industry with lots of documents to manage . . . . if I had it to do over again I’d have used a specialist firm that lives and breathes banking forms and the regulations that govern them.”

    As stated by a Sr. Digital Product Manager that was employed at a Top 5 bank that implemented an e-sign system  


    Mainstreet Testimonials

    Laurie Ewing, Vice President / Mortgage Broker at Cullman Savings Bank - “After TRID, many of our mortgage processes changed and we needed to be certain our auditors, current customers plus new customers were satisfied with how we shared financial documents. Using Wolters Kluwer made everyone’s life easier as they knew how to handle securely exchanged financial documents.”


    Vendors Who Use E-Sign

    - Blend Labs
    - Equifax
    - Black Knight Financial Services
    - Wipro Gallagher NetOxygen
    - eOriginal
    - ISGN Morvision
    - Integra Destiny
    - AuthenticID
    - Interthinx
    - Solidifi
    - Veratad
    - Wolters Kluwer JIT print fulfillment
    - Wolters Kluwer ComplianceOne

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