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  • Reynolds and Reynolds Acquires Wolters Kluwer’s Indirect Loan Origination Solutions

    On Oct. 3, 2016, Wolters Kluwer announced it has sold its indirect loan origination solutions, including its AppOne software, risk mitigation services, and Indirect Lending compliance documents, to Reynolds and Reynolds, a leading provider of software, compliance forms and services to U.S. automotive dealers and lenders.

    In joining these solutions with Reynolds & Reynolds, you’ll have access to more of the tools you require to be successful in the indirect lending space and allow Wolters Kluwer to invest further in and grow our core compliance solutions for your consumer, commercial and mortgage lending businesses.

    Rest assured you’ll receive the same quality products and customer service that you’ve come to expect. There will be no changes or interruptions to our current processes, systems or communications.

    Beginning Monday, Oct. 3, e-mail messages directed to you from AppOne and indirect loan origination solutions team members will be coming from Please be sure to update your systems to ensure you can receive emails from this web domain.

    AppOne Document Preparation eliminates the need for third-party systems providers to support ever-changing consumer finance regulations. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ compliance content can be efficiently delivered and maintained within dealer management, loan origination and credit aggregator systems using our advanced, web-based document preparation technology. Leveraging our technology via your systems creates higher customer satisfaction, while reducing risk and generating higher margins. 

    AppOne Document Preparation reduces the cost, effort and time of maintaining compliant documents within customer systems by providing access to fully compliant loan contracts and documents directly from your applications, through our document engine. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services warrants that all loan contracts and documents comply fully with federal and state consumer finance regulations.

    Access Fully Compliant Indirect Lending Contracts and Documents – via the Cloud

    AppOne Document Preparation also removes the burden of contract form and document maintenance. This end-to-end, web-based solution provides comprehensive sets of retail installment contracts and documents for indirect automotive and recreational vehicle financing.

    By providing a centralized delivery platform for contract data validation, document assembly and delivery of fully compliant loan documents, AppOne Document Preparation offers a unique “compliant documents as a service” model that helps ensure ongoing forms maintenance consistent with federal and state regulations. This single interface eliminates the costly maintenance tasks of constantly updating and revising contract and document formats within individual applications. 

    Eliminate the expensive task of indirect loan document maintenance from your business and let your team focus on the task of serving customers.

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