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Simplify Your Indirect Loan Origination

  • As loan volumes increase, lenders have a great opportunity to grow their portfolios and their revenue—but only if they can maintain operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

    The AppOne® workflow platform streamlines and automates the traditional tasks of processing an indirect loan application and the communications between lenders and dealers, including the tasks of submitting credit applications, valuing collateral and trade-ins and printing compliant loan contracts and documents.

    A comprehensive web-based solution that automates traditional indirect lending workflows and processes at the dealership, AppOne helps ensure lenders receive clean funding packages that meet their guidelines.

    Auto, marine, RV and powersports lenders and dealers benefit from automating the indirect lending origination process resulting in streamlined operations, enhanced regulatory compliance, reduced costs and enhanced margins. AppOne offers three components that can be used together or individually:

    • AppOne Dealer Portal – Connects dealers and lenders, helping ensure credit applications and deal structures are accurate and meet lenders’ guidelines, and process the loan applications for underwriting. Learn More.
    • AppOne Document Preparation – Provides compliance content that is efficiently delivered and maintained within dealer management, loan origination and credit aggregator systems, allowing dealers to generate (and lenders to receive) fully complete and compliant loan contracts, and eliminate the expensive task of loan documentation maintenance. Learn More.
    • AppOne Risk Mitigation Services (RMS) – Designed to help mitigate regulatory compliance risk and fraud from indirect auto lending operations by providing services such as due diligence and underwriting; dealer F&I services; and documentation services like fraud checks and identity verification. Learn More.

    We also offer custom development services to uniquely tailor AppOne to you, and consulting services to assist with workflow automation, process reengineering and methods for improving operational efficiency.

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