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    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ in-house staff of more than 400 attorneys, compliance analysts, technology specialists, and market experts worldwide sets it apart from other providers in the financial services industry. Many of the organization’s subject matter experts are nationally recognized speakers and accomplished writers, who possess the knowledge and expertise to assist journalists with information relating to important issues and trends in the banking, mortgage, securities, insurance, and indirect lending markets.

    Please contact one of our Corporate Communications professionals, listed below to see how we can serve as a resource for your next article or project.

    Media Contacts

    Jennifer Marso
    Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications
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    On Twitter: @JenniferMarso

    Charles Miller
    Director of Corporate Communications
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    On Twitter: @CharlesWMiller

    Ben Meents
    Corporate Communications Manager
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    On Twitter: @benmeents

    Lauren Dearmer
    Corporate Communications Manager
    44 2075396525
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    On Twitter: @LDearmer