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    Big Gains in the Cloud, Especially for Small Banks
    (Published July 3, 2019) Outsourcing regulatory reporting and compliance – using software as a service – can help firms with limited resources and manpower acquire expertise, flexibility and reliability at a reasonable cost.
    FATF Report a Wake-Up Call for China on AML and Terrorist Financing
    (Published June 24, 2019) Whilst in the last decade China has undertaken many initiatives which have contributed positively to its understanding of ML/TF risk, some important gaps remain. With the current FATF report, the Chinese government may revise the current AML laws and the local regulator may, in one to two years’ time, announce an extension of requirements to both banks and non-banks .
    PRA110: Now is the time
    (Published April 24, 2019) This article explores the Pillar 2 pain points and how firms can turn these new requirements into a business benefit.
    Back to banking: Let technology do the heavy-lifting
    (Published April 17, 2019) Good news – the investments you made in people and technology over the past decade to deal with regulatory requirements are paying off. You can now enhance profitability of your core business and get back to business-as-usual. Read our new Commentary to learn how.
    Tech, cloud, data and compliance – addressing the challenges of smaller financial institutions in APAC
    (Published March 25, 2019) Smaller firms may be aware of the need for automation of regulatory reporting, but some remain hesitant to take the plunge. Read this new commentary to explore some of the challenges that have been holding small banks and FIs back, and the opportunities that forward-thinking firms have been able to grasp.
    The Last Word on Basel III: Integration
    (Published March 5, 2019) This paper examines some of the interconnections that banks need to think about (FRTB, credit risk, CVA, output floor, other elements of CRD V, etc.), and considers the likely impact on organizational structure, systems, and approach to implementation.
    SA-CCR: The importance of integration
    (Published February 11, 2019) Read our latest commentary as we look at the challenges of SA-CCR and how integration can help institutions reach new levels of insight into trends in risk and on the balance sheet.
    Identifying Needs and Wants in an FRR Solution
    (Published January 30, 2019) This commentary explores how the move towards more data-driven regulation is causing banks to rethink their FRR data management processes. Various business models, business cultures, technology stacks, etc.
    When IFRS standards goes beyond traditional accounting
    (Published December 24, 2018) In its last board meeting The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) discussed matters which are reinforcing its mission statement. As a reminder its mission is to “to develop IFRS Standards that bring transparency, accountability and efficiency to financial markets around the world. Our work serves the public interest by fostering trust, growth and long-term financial stability in the global economy.”
    Basel III Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk (FRTB): a Practical Example for Implementing the Default Risk Charge of Non-Securitizations (Part II)
    (Published December 04, 2018) Basel III Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk (FRTB). This commentary discusses practical steps for implementing the Default Risk Charge of Non-Securitizations
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