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    Regulatory Relief in the U.S: A Wolters Kluwer View
    (Published September 24, 2017) Wolters Kluwer experts Dries Verboven and Linda Jamison advise on how adopting an integrated regulatory compliance and reporting program will help banks adapt to continued regulatory scrutiny despite recent regulatory relief in the U.S.
    CRD V may be here by the end of the year: banks need to act now
    (Published August 14, 2018) The inner workings of the EU Council don’t tend to attract much attention. However, one apparently innocuous sentence in a statement issued from a late June meeting of EU leaders warrants careful consideration by banks.
    Basel III Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk (FRTB): a Practical Example for Implementing the Standardized Approach (Part I)
    (Published July 27, 2018) Basel III Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk (FRTB). This commentary discusses practical steps for implementing the Standardized Approach.
    IRRBB: The big picture in miniature
    (Published July 18, 2018) This new commentary gives some recommendations on how banks can implement IRRBB with the right approach to benefit other supervisory regimens and boost business efficiency.
    Building a framework for the new regulatory reality
    (Published July 9 , 2018) The uncertainty and ever changing regulatory environment is probably one of those things we can all count on! It may never be possible for you to predict these changes in their entirety, but you can be ready for whatever comes your way.
    FATF evaluation underlines AML and CTF urgency for Chinese banks
    (Published June 14, 2018) This commentary gives an outline of what Chinese banks can expect for the impending AML / CTF evaluation by the FATF and recommended key steps to developing AML / CTF controls capable of withstanding FATF scrutiny.
    IFRS 16 Leases: A fresh challenge with a familiar solution
    (Published June 5, 2018) There is much in common between IFRS 16 and IFRS 9, as well as the plethora of frameworks derived from the risk management guidelines set by the BASEL Committee. This commentary explains the relationships of the new standard with those of other supervisory frameworks and how a financial institution can take advantage of an existing solution to approach the new IFRS 16 Lease standard.
    CECL Results - Difficult to Communicate and Easy to Misunderstand
    (Published May 22, 2018) As you work through the implementation of CECL, think about the preparation and communication required to ensure all stakeholders, both internal and external, are on board and anticipate how they may challenge the business effects of your implementation decisions.
    Regulators to the rescue? MAS and the drive to ease the data reporting burden
    (Published May 22, 2018) After years of piling new requirements on banks, regulators appear increasingly keen to help financial institutions resolve the issues that have arisen with rising reporting obligations.
    FRTB: Viewing Market Risk in a New Light
    (Published May 2, 2018) FRTB will require not only estimating wide-ranging market-related risks in great depth and detail, but also will require sophisticated modeling and forecasting tools, strong data management, and reliable financial analysis. Read our new commentary to explore the many challenges, their impact on banks, and pros and cons of some of the approaches.
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