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    AnaCredit: Turning compliance into opportunity
    (Published February 1, 2018) This commentary discusses the practical considerations for quickly assessing the quality of the large amounts of granular data that need to be submitted to the regulator as part of AnaCredit and how it can be used to turn your project from cost into a benefit.
    Operational risk: Increasing efficiency and adding value
    (Published January 22, 2018) In recent years operational risk has grown as a discipline and is now viewed as an integral aspect of any risk management department.
    MAS 610: Can banks learn to swim upstream?
    (Published January 22, 2018) The final revisions to the MAS’s 610 reporting form is set to take place in the first quarter of 2018. How prepared are banks for the change, and are they ready for any pain points that may emerge?
    How China’s banks can approach the AML challenge
    (Published January 23, 2018) This commentary looks at the rising needs of AML controls in China, and considers how banks (in China as well as other jurisdictions) can meet their compliance needs while controlling costs and meeting tight project timescales.
    FDIC Part 370: More motivation for a holistic data approach
    (Published January 9, 2018) The FDIC’s 12 CFR Part 370 rule which was finalized earlier this year will certainly make it a challenging endeavor for you to provide the reports, reconcilements, and other details needed to satisfy the FDIC’s requirements all while ensuring customer satisfaction remains high.
    IASB Update: The end balance and looking forward
    (Published December 21, 2017) The article discusses the upcoming standard IFRS 17, the implementation of others such as IFRS 9 and IFRS 15, and the outlook and agenda of the IAS.
    Seizing on stress testing’s strategic potential
    (Published December 6, 2017) This new commentary looks at the way stress testing is evolving, and how this will present not only challenges for financial intuitions but can also play an important strategic role and contribution to business performance.
    IFRS: Insights and Activities
    (Published November 21, 2017) In this article Jeroen Van Doorsselaere, Global Head of Product Management Risk and Finance, discusses IFRS 17 and how the IASB’s push towards greater disclosure gives rise to additional considerations when applying them to insurance standards, including issues such as recognition and derecognition.
    APRA Delays the Economic and Financial Statistics Reform
    (Published August 29, 2017) On 23 August, APRA released its long-awaited response to the industry submissions on the EFS reforms. So what’s next? Our product manager gives an overview of what the changes will mean for Australian ADIs
    AML in Hong Kong: What banks need to do next
    (Published August 28, 2017) Recent developments have shown customer due diligence and risk assessment to be clear areas of focus for AML efforts, and financial institutions will benefit from re-evaluating their resources and strategies accordingly.
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