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  • How strong governance can help navigate today’s demanding regulatory climate

    Published October 02, 2017

    Live Webinar with UK Finance

    Date: Tuesday, 24th October
    Time: 11:00 AM BST / 12:00 PM CET
    Duration: 1 hour

    Recent times have seen regulators and senior management moving to ‘the next level’ in terms of their appetite for more detailed and granular data to get deeper insight. The spotlight is increasingly on the quality of the information.  Data quality, consistency, reconciliation and lineage is now top of mind for all involved.

    Firms are required not just to provide risk data and reports but to be able to demonstrate that they have effective governance over the processes, procedures and controls that give rise to these figures. Strong and functioning governance over the production of the reports is therefore paramount.

    Additionally, regulatory compliance requires a high level of analysis and understanding to determine the impact on a firm as well as managing whatever actions are needed to ensure compliance.  This calls for some degree of automation, particularly because a firm may need to comply with thousands of regulations from dozens of regulators.  Keeping abreast of changes and updates in unstructured data formats poses a huge challenge for all types of organizations, large and small.

    In this webinar experts from Wolters Kluwer will look at:

    • How regulatory requirements, coupled with new technologies, have transformed regulatory reporting and compliance, and what this means for the industry.
    • How to establish strong governance to help navigate today’s demanding regulatory climate.
    • How to establish an efficient way of tracking changes in reporting requirements

    Follow this link to register for the webinar.

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