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OneSumX Solutions

OneSumX provides an ecosystem of complementary and comprehensive solutions and services to manage the intersection of governance, finance, risk and compliance—increasing organizational profitability, efficiency and growth.

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Liquidity risk remains at the forefront of the regulatory agenda

(Published October 24, 2016) Is your Bank burdened trying to manage the data intensity and complexity related to changes to FR 2052a, LCR or NSFR metrics? Managing all this will require a flexible, integrated and forward looking approach that will help you tackle the next set of regulatory requirements. What is that approach? Watch this video.

MAS’s outsourcing risk management guidelines: Bringing compliance closer to the cloud

(Published October 13, 2016) Our expert foresees that the MAS’s guideline on outsourcing risk management will provide the impetus for more financial institutions to leverage cloud-based technology for GFRC.

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Senior Managers Regime White Paper

Senior Managers Regime: Paving the Way for a New Era of Responsibility

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BCBS 279 - Derivatives under the regulatory spotlight... again

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Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

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