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  • Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book: From challenge to opportunity
    Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book: from Challenge to Opportunity
  • CECL Buyers Guide – Manage Data & Expectations
    CECL Buyers Guide – Manage Data & Expectations
  • Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time
    Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time

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IFRS 9 – will it become “The never-ending story”?

(Published January 17, 2017) For the majority of firms, the IFRS 9 deadline has now officially passed. However, is this really just the end of the beginning?

The U.K. FCA’s Review of Motor Finance is Definitely Needed Now – But Not for Obvious Reasons

(Published January 11, 2018) The FCA revealed in its Business Plan for 2017/2018 that a review of motor finance from the consumer perspective is one of its key priorities. The review was announced at the end of July 2017 and is currently underway. The regulator is looking primarily to see whether consumers are exposed to harm and whether the market is working effectively. Current record levels of car finance mean that the timing appears fortuitous, and it is. A significantly high level of new car purchases, and concerns about whether these loans have been sold correctly by dealers, mean that the FCA could be proved right about the timing of its investigation. However, there are other factors at play that might be more of a reason why such a review turns out to be perfectly timed. Martyn Oughton comments on this.

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IFRS 9 Implementation: practical steps

IFRS 9 implementation – our experts weigh-in

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Senior Managers Regime White Paper

Senior Managers Regime: Paving the Way for a New Era of Responsibility

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BCBS 279 - Derivatives under the regulatory spotlight... again

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