NILS™ Cancellation and Nonrenewal
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NILS™ Cancellation and Nonrenewal

  • It is easy to overlook the importance of processing your cancellation, nonrenewal and conditional renewal notices in a compliant manner. Failure to do so may result in unanticipated claims. Transactions can be voided in a court of law, or disallowed by a state’s insurance department. The impact could be potentially significant to an insurance organization. For over 80 years, we have been recognized as the industry source for cancellation, nonrenewal and conditional renewal notices. NILS™ Cancellation and Nonrenewal is a flexible and accurate solution. Where canned compliance software products may be inflexible and expensive to implement, NILS Cancellation and Nonrenewal easily integrates with established systems and processes.

    Features & Benefits

      • E-Mail Alerts notify you of regulatory changes.
      • Electronic Forms are current and available from your desktop.
      • We maintain the information.
      • You own the data so it may be customized for your specific systems and processes.
      • You build the solution around your current workflow versus recreating your workflow around software.
      • Regulatory Help includes summaries of requirements relevant to completion of compliant cancellation & nonrenewal notices.
      • Toll Free Help Desk is included to answer any content related questions.

    Commercial and Personal Lines Notices are included for all 50 states and DC. Subscribe only to what you need.