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    Effectively Managing Regulatory Change in Financial Services 
    by Michael Rasmussen, Chief GRC Pundit, GRC 20/20 

    Regulatory Change Management position paper

    Financial services organizations are under increasing pressure to be agile in a dynamic environment that has constantly expanding regulatory requirements. In the past five years the number of regulatory changes impacting financial services organizations has tripled while staff and process have not changed. Lacking an integrated view of regulatory change management results in scattered approaches that behave like leaves blowing in the wind. The amount of regulatory change impacting financial services requires a new paradigm for tackling regulatory change. No longer can organizations afford to focus on silos of regulatory change management with disconnected information. An integrated GRC strategy addressing regulatory change through common processes, regulatory change data feeds, and a supporting information and technology architecture is required for financial services organizations to remain agile in a dynamic business and regulatory environment.

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