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    Managing CECL is no easy task
    (Published April 4, 2019) Managing CECL is no easy task - Watch this video to see how Wolters Kluwer can make a painful process transparent, repeatable and efficient.
    RegTech and SupTech 2025: Bigger, faster, stronger
    (Published November 2018) In this series of short videos, recorded at the SG Fintech Festival, we explore the technologies and transformations that will be impacting banks and FIs into the next decade, including AI, blockchain, cloud, and machine executable regulation.
    OneSumX FRR - Results under pressure
    (Published September 12, 2018) Achieving results in today’s world is tougher than ever. The challenges are everywhere; data management burdens, legacy systems or higher expectations from both regulators and senior management. It’s time for new approaches to old problems, watch our video and read our whitepaper.
    The Banker Insights, Wolters Kluwer Leadership Video Series - Benchmarking data for regulatory compliance
    (Published August 1, 2018) The Banker’s Leadership series of videos, in association with Wolters Kluwer, explores the data challenges financial firms face when addressing complex and changing regulatory and reporting requirements.
    Interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management
    (Published July 25, 2018) Watch this presentation to learn more about the interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management and the common approach to behavioral modeling that will benefit risk management.
    (Published October 25, 2017) Firms have started exploring RegTech solutions, to help manage the ever-increasing demands from regulators and the abundance of regulatory change. Watch our video to learn more about RegTech solutions and the value they can provide to financial institutions.
    More meaningful data assurance (and more efficient growth)
    (Published September 5, 2017) Firms are dealing with tactical legacies, increasingly complex regulatory requirements, and the need for enhanced decision making processes. Watch this short video to explore some strategies and solutions for more meaningful data assurance (and more efficient growth).
    Business Analytics
    (Published August 21, 2017) Richard Reeves, VP Strategy, OneSumX, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, discusses how easy it is for firms to get more specific and indepth information at the hit of a button
    APRA’s EFS form review: preparing for the challenge
    (Published August 7, 2017) What challenges will ADIs face from the EFS regime, and what actions can they take now to help meet these challenges?
    MAS 610’s Regulatory Changes: How will financial institutions be impacted?
    (Published August 21, 2017) This video explores how the MAS 610’s regulatory changes will impact financial institutions operating in Singapore.
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