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    Wolters Kluwer experts closely monitor developments with the expanded HMDA regulations and have prepared commentary and guidance on how to comply. Share these articles with your team as you implement your strategies for complying with the expanded HMDA regulations.

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    Clean HMDA Data is Like Having Clean Windows
    (Published October 16, 2017) Just as homeowners appreciate the benefits of a good spring cleaning, bank compliance officers recognize the value — and increasing significance — of having clean data. Now, with the expanded Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) regulations and increased regulatory emphasis on data integrity, banks must carefully plan how to ensure accurate data.
    Ready, Set, Report!
    What’s on your HMDA “to do” list? With 2018 fast approaching, U.S. Advisory Services’ Barbara Boccia provides a checklist of the critical HMDA compliance issues that financial institutions should focus on to maximize readiness.
    HMDA Road Trip: Directions and Navigation
    (Recorded October 4th, 2017) Before you continue your HMDA journey, stop and get directions for collecting and reporting a significantly greater number of data fields. The changes to the Government Monitoring Information (GMI) section of the LAR will require lenders to collect a more complicated set of data, including more sophisticated information on race and ethnicity. Lenders should act now to make technology and workflow changes in order to take year-end 2017 applications that close starting Jan. 1, 2018 and properly report them in 2019.
    “On Your Mark, Get Set…” Racing Through the Top Issues in HMDA Readiness
    (Published September/October 2017) In this ABA Banking Journal article, Wolters Kluwer’s U.S. Advisory Services’ Barbara Boccia outlines the critical checklist items that lenders need for compliance with the impending Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) rules.
    HMDA Final Pit Stop: Fuel Up and Be Ready for 2018
    (Live Webinar: December 7, 2017) The Wolters Kluwer team will give you any last-minute tips and updates to get you ready for the new HMDA requirements. Prepare now and be ready to take a holistic view of the new HMDA regulation.
    Vendors: There’s Still Time to Prepare for HMDA
    (Published July 25, 2017) Financial institutions are under the gun to meet a fast-approaching deadline to start gathering additional information about their loans and borrowers under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). While organizations should have already started preparing for the changes, there is still time to make the deadline if you act quickly.
    Is There Something for Every Lender in the New HMDA Proposal?
    (Published July 11, 2017) The proposed amendments to Regulation C under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) published by the CFPB in April 2017 mean there are a tremendous number of changes and clarifications to understand and incorporate. In her article, Wolters Kluwer regulatory expert Catherine Brown examines how these changes can work to your advantage to ease the reporting and collection burden on lenders.
    HMDA at the Crossroads: Submissions & Scrubs
    (Webinar recorded on August 22, 2017) Wolters Kluwer experts will provide practical tips for preparing for the submission requirements for the new HMDA portal and new HMDA data fields, and working effectively with compliance and audit staff to monitor data integrity.
    Revamped HMDA Report: Know Before You Submit
    (Published June 26, 2017) You know the basics when it comes to data collection and reporting. It’s like riding a bike. The new HMDA rule, however, changes data collection in just about every way: institutions and transactions covered; required data points; collection and reporting of applicant information such as gender, race, and ethnicity; and the processes for reporting and disclosing the data. Learn what you’ll need to prepare for the new rule.
    HMDA: The Ultimate Road Trip
    (Recorded June 29, 2017) Traveling to January 1, 2018 requires planning, preparation and frequent assessments. At your destination, covered institutions must collect and report a greatly expanded dataset for applications, originations and purchases. Wolters Kluwer experts will guide you through the basics, help you understand the impact to your institution, recommend strategies for implementation and alert you to a few potential roadblocks along the way.
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