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    Wolters Kluwer experts closely monitor developments with the expanded HMDA regulations and have prepared commentary and guidance on how to comply. Share these articles with your team as you implement your strategies for complying with the expanded HMDA regulations.

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    Is Fintech Choosing You?
    (Published March 13, 2019) Are you ready to play in the fintech space? There is so much to consider with changing demographics, the competitive landscape and evolving technologies. Will your financial institution invest and build? Are you considering to buy, partner or network with a fintech? Barbara Boccia provides context and clarity on the strategies for implementing fintech.
    A New HMDA Show is Debuting at a Lender Near You
    (Published March 7, 2019) In this Scotsman Guide article, Jim Lochbihler writes that analysis of HMDA reportable data can provide lenders with valuable insights. However, the greater level of detail on mortgage lending applications and originations could also have ramifications in terms of increased regulatory and civil activity against lenders for possible fair lending and CRA violations.
    What We Talk About When We Talk About Deregulation
    (Published March 6, 2019) Are recent changes in some areas of financial services regulation examples of deregulation, or rather adjustments in regulatory focus? In this ABA Banking Journal article, Wolters Kluwer's Tim Burniston notes that concerns over regulatory obligations remains high among two thirds of banks surveyed.
    Deregulation and relaxed enforcement? Tell that to the states!
    (Published March 5, 2019) A growing number of states’ attorneys general and state regulators have taken on increased regulatory activity in exercising their ability to enforce federal law under Dodd-Frank, writes Sam Holle and Therese Kieffer in this ABA Bank Compliance magazine feature. Continued vigilance and due diligence remains critical for financial institutions toward meeting their regulatory obligations.
    Banks Less Anxious About Risk, But Should They Be?
    (Published February 1, 2019) Wolters Kluwer conducts a yearly survey of U.S. banks and credit unions to measure concerns about their ability to manage risks and regulatory compliance obligations. Compliance Week magazine reports on findings from the latest survey, which shows a decline in anxiety from the prior year's survey, but overall concerns remain relatively high.
    Fair Lending in the Age of Machines
    (Published January 4, 2019) The age of machines is here. As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based platforms, models and algorithms quickly become the new norm, fair lending compliance teams need to be able to understand all aspects of their digital footprint. Read this article before the machines become self-aware!
    What Compliance Changes Will 2019 Bring?
    (Published January 2019) In a period of ever-evolving regulatory change, financial institutions are keenly focused on identifying their regulatory compliance and risk management priorities in 2019. In this IB Magazine cover article, Wolters Kluwer's Barbara Boccia offers insights on which areas firms should consider marshaling their resources for effective compliance.
    The Three C's of Compliance
    (Published August 21, 2018) Barbara Boccia, CRCM, MBA, JD of Wolters Kluwer outlines three factors that can turn a bank’s compliance department into a strategic asset.
    The U.S. Treasury Fintech Report and the OCC Fintech Announcement: What They Mean for Banks and Fintechs
    (Published August 10, 2018) Wolters Kluwer expert, Stevie Conlon, distills key takeaways of the U.S. Treasury's 223-page fintech report and the OCC’s announcement allowing fintechs to apply for special purpose national bank charters. Read the summary.
    Limits on the Availability of the New Partial HMDA Reporting Exemption
    (Published July 20, 2018) The regulatory relief law (“Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act”) recently signed into law by Congress includes a major provision that reduces the burden on some institutions in having to report certain HMDA data. However, some institutions are mistakenly interpreting the new law as exempting them from their reporting obligations altogether.
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