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    Wolters Kluwer experts closely monitor developments with the expanded HMDA regulations and have prepared commentary and guidance on how to comply. Share these articles with your team as you implement your strategies for complying with the expanded HMDA regulations.

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    Is There Something for Every Lender in the New HMDA Proposal?
    (Published July 11, 2017) The proposed amendments to Regulation C under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) published by the CFPB in April 2017 mean there are a tremendous number of changes and clarifications to understand and incorporate. In her article, Wolters Kluwer regulatory expert Catherine Brown examines how these changes can work to your advantage to ease the reporting and collection burden on lenders.
    HMDA at the Crossroads: Submissions & Scrub
    (Live Webinar: August 22, 2017) Wolters Kluwer experts will provide practical tips for preparing for the submission requirements for the new HMDA portal and new HMDA data fields, and working effectively with compliance and audit staff to monitor data integrity.
    Revamped HMDA Report: Know Before You Submit
    (Published June 26, 2017) You know the basics when it comes to data collection and reporting. It’s like riding a bike. The new HMDA rule, however, changes data collection in just about every way: institutions and transactions covered; required data points; collection and reporting of applicant information such as gender, race, and ethnicity; and the processes for reporting and disclosing the data. Learn what you’ll need to prepare for the new rule.
    HMDA: The Ultimate Road Trip
    (Recorded June 29, 2017) Traveling to January 1, 2018 requires planning, preparation and frequent assessments. At your destination, covered institutions must collect and report a greatly expanded dataset for applications, originations and purchases. Wolters Kluwer experts will guide you through the basics, help you understand the impact to your institution, recommend strategies for implementation and alert you to a few potential roadblocks along the way.
    HMDA With 2020 Hindsight
    (Published Summer 2017)  If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give your past self to help you better prepare for HMDA in the year 2020? In this article, Regulatory Consultant Barbara Boccia offers a year-by-year guide for HMDA readiness.
    Piecing Together Your Community Development Story
    (Published June 13, 2017) A strong, successful community development program, inclusive of high-impact activities, is possible, especially with the right partners and a collective willingness to consider innovative and fresh ideas. Britt Faircloth, Senior Regulatory Consultant with the Advisory Services team at Wolters Kluwer, describes how with the right group of people at the table, almost anything can be accomplished.
    New HMDA Rule: Who’s on First?
    (Published April 2017) In thisarticle, Wolters Kluwer senior compliance attorney, Catherine Brown, reviews how the order of applicants will have an impact on collecting and reporting demographic information when the new HMDA regulations take effect.
    CFPB Proposal To Amend the 2018 HMDA Rule
    On April 25, 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published in the Federal Register proposed amendments to the HMDA final rule. The proposal is extensive, encompassing minor changes to the numbered sections of the rule, significant changes to Staff Commentary (sometimes called official comments, and sometimes call guidance), and changes to Appendix B (the demographic information requirements).  
    HMDA Expansion: A Year-By-Year Guide to Focus Areas, Solutions and Strategies
    (Published March/April 2017) Are you ready for HMDA? In this California Banker article, Wolters Kluwer regulatory expert Barbara Boccia provides a year-by-year guide outlining the HMDA strategies that bankers should focus on now to ready themselves for the expanded submission and data collection rules in 2018.
    CFPB Proposal To Amend Regulation B
    On April 4, 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published in the Federal Register proposed amendments to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act’s Regulation B. If finalized, the changes will for the most part be effective January 1, 2018. The CFPB proposes to amend the Act to allow for flexibility for all lenders for collecting demographic information, subject to limitations and responsibilities.   
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