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  • 2018 HMDA Priorities: CMS, Data Integrity and Fair Lending

    HMDA Compliance Management System (CMS):  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has suggested using the expanded 2018 data collection period as an opportunity “to identify gaps in the implementation” of HMDA and “make improvements in the HMDA Compliance Management System.” Let our consultants update your HMDA Compliance Management System and conduct a data integrity audit on the expanded HMDA data. Set up some time to talk about our consulting services.

    Data integrity:  Data integrity remains critical for exam preparation, strategic planning and public review for HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending purposes. Implement our technology solutions for data capture, review and analysis and let our consultants test the integrity of your HMDA data before it is submitted. Tell us what you need to be successful.

    Fair Lending Analytics:  Now that you are collecting 110 HMDA data fields in 2018, how are you going to interpret this data? Let our consultants help you with fair lending analytics with a Fair Lending Risk Review. And implement Fair Lending Wiz to capture, analyze and report on fair lending compliance. Let us help you with your Fair Lending analysis.

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