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Default servicers can expect big changes this year. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), along with other federal and state regulatory agencies, is targeting much of their rulemaking efforts on default servicing.

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Basic Concepts for Managing Third-Party Risk

(Published October 16, 2019) In this National Mortgage Professional magazine article, Thomas Grundy elaborates on the various risks that may emerge for financial institutions—operational, credit, compliance, reputational and strategic—when there is misalignment of goals between an institution and its third-party partners.

Leveraging Machine-Assisted Language Translation to Serve LEP Mortgage Customers

(Published October 16, 2019) As the number of Limited English Proficiency borrowers grows, lenders are increasingly interested in offering loan documents to support those customers in a compliant manner. In this MReport article, Sam Holle looks at the benefits of automation that machine learning tools are bringing to the U.S. lending sector.

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