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    • Smart Cubes Whitepaper 

      From Lead to Gold

      New regulations from the Austrian central bank could provide a blueprint for solving data management challenges within financial institutions around the world. Read more in our latest white paper to find out about how Smart Cubes work and how they could benefit you.

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    • RiskMinds Forum

      Meeting of the RiskMinds

      At the RiskMinds Risk & Regulation Forum 2014, held in Barcelona on Sept 23-25, our experts were on hand to share and discuss thoughts and ideas around risk and regulatory matters.

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    • Regulatory Change Management 

      Finding the Way to Regulatory Change Management

      With the thousands of regulatory changes made every year, there is increased pressure on firms to keep up and work more effectively towards full compliance. Read more in our latest paper to learn how to best assess your regulatory compliance risk.

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    • IFRS Whitepaper 

      IFRS 9: Closing the Gap between Risk and Finance


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    • Webinar Program 

      Webinar Program

      A full schedule of webinars and events relating to risk and regulatory issues

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  • About Summix

    Summix is a modular end-to-end solution suite designed on an integrated data layer, addressing the tactical and strategic needs of finance, risk management, strategic analytics and regulatory reporting business areas of financial institutions around the world.

    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services provide unrivalled solutions that can flexibly address the risk management challenges in today’s fast moving business and regulatory environment.

    Our solutions for risk management combine our three main differentiators:

    • Technology
    • Content
    • Services