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When it comes to tax reporting, accuracy and efficiency are essential to your firm's success. Inaccuracies in your investment tax reporting can result in significant financial penalties and immeasurable reputation damage.

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Valuation of Cryptocurrencies and ICO Tokens for Tax Purposes

(Published January 30, 2020) In their article, “Valuation of Cryptocurrencies and ICO Tokens for Tax Purposes,” published by Texas Tech University’s Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal, authors Stevie Conlon, Bob Schwaba and Anna Vayser look at the challenges in determining digital asset valuations in an environment lacking regulatory clarity and marked constantly by highly variable valuation fluctuations.

If a Crypto-Tree Falls in a Digital Forest, Can It Give Rise to Tax Evasion?

(Published March 29, 2019) In this report, the authors examine some of the potential U.S. tax consequences faced by individual U.S. investors and intermediaries who participate in atomic swaps, token swaps, token conversions, cryptocurrency swaps, or cryptocurrency exchanges.

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