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Tax Reporting Solutions

When it comes to tax reporting, accuracy and efficiency are essential to your firm's success. Inaccuracies in your investment tax reporting can result in significant financial penalties and immeasurable reputation damage.

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Individual Retirement Accounts - Guidance Beyond the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations

(Published December 12, 2017) In a recent article we discussed that the tax laws for individual retirement accounts and other tax advantaged accounts are contained in the Internal Revenue Code and are expanded upon in regulations. Additional guidance, drafted and written primarily by the Internal Revenue Service so that their policies and procedures are properly followed, are discussed in this article.

Seizing on stress testing’s strategic potential

(Published December 6, 2017) This new commentary looks at the way stress testing is evolving, and how this will present not only challenges for financial intuitions but can also play an important strategic role and contribution to business performance.

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Passive Foreign Investment Funds

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