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Expert guidance to help you plan, prepare, and implement

  • With big TILA-RESPA changes, you need a trusted source to turn to for the services you need to adequately comply. And, given the scope and complexity of these new rules, it's critical you have guidance from trusted compliance professionals to help you along the way.

    Our Compliance Management Services provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions to choose from based on your specific business requirements. Whether you need help managing TILA-RESPA changes, reviewing your existing documentation for potential compliance pitfalls, making your overall processes more efficient and cost-effective, or training your staff, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services can help.

    Our services include:

    • Regulatory Research Assistant - Are your staff and resources stretched too thin to adequately interpret, understand, and operationalize the nuances of the TILA-RESPA changes? Wolters Kluwer Financial Services' Regulatory Research Assistant service resolves your TILA-RESPA project management or implementation "how to" questions by allowing you to purchase research hours from our team of experts to be redeemed as your compliance-related questions arise.
    • Operational Procedure Review- Are there gaps in your existing operational procedures? Does your organization struggle to link those procedures back to the regulatory requirements? Before your next examination, it's important to make sure you are adequately prepared-. Our Operational Procedure Review provides a neutral third party review of your existing policies and operational procedures against CFPB examination guidelines. We can help you identify current gaps, recommend corrective action, and design a client-specific program for the ongoing testing, maintaining and monitoring of your operational controls.
    • TILA-RESPA Training - Given the magnitude of the TILA-RESPA requirements and their impact on your documentation and workflow, training your staff is a critical component of your organizational readiness. But, how do you make time for training when implementation is draining all of your resources? Our TILA-RESPA Training standard or customized training programs (live or web-based) to your specific business requirements to ensure your staff is ready for the August 2015 mandatory compliance date. Learn more.
    • Integrated Disclosure Variations Guide - One of the biggest game changers for financial institutions during their TILA-RESPA implementation has been realizing how completely different the new documents are from the existing versions. Our Integrated Disclosure Variations Guide provides users with a detailed understanding of the variability in the disclosures, including the ways in which different lending scenarios will impact content fields. The solution is two-fold with a Variations Guide and Loan Matrix, which work together to help loan officers confidently educate consumers on their lending options. Learn more.

    Preparing for regulatory changes is no small undertaking. To better understand if you are headed in the right direction and covering all your bases, call us today or complete the request form to have a representative contact you.

    Connecting with a Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Representative is the first step in knowing where you are at and how we can help you get there with confidence. Contact us today.