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  • Creating a Compliance Management System That Works for You

    On-Demand Webinar

    Recorded on March 17, 2015

    While the Compliance Management System (CMS) is a regulatory prescribed system for managing compliance within an institution, how any one institution accomplishes this goal is not set in stone. The presence and adequacy of a CMS will play a central role in your next exam, but beyond satisfying the requirements of the regulation have you customized your CMS system to work for you? The components of a CMS are the beginning. From there ask yourself, does our CMS system: Reflect the compliance culture of the organization? Reflect our Board’s expectations? Align with our risk appetite? Advance our corporate growth strategy? The CMS is just the foundation; the rest is up to you.

    View a recording of this complimentary webinar and hear risk management experts review the requirements of a CMS and explore creative strategies for personalizing it to the uniqueness of your institution. Learn about:

    • The components of a Compliance Management System
    • Recent regulatory focus
    • Strategies for incorporating a CMS into your organizational culture
    • Case study examples of creative CMS strategies
    • Tools for automating CMS workflow

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